Transaero Boeing 747-200


I love all those aircraft in the background.

Why do you want this btw?

Because they won’t add Tu-134

And how do you know? They could surely add the Tu-134 if they wanted to.

People don’t like them and some say “Stop requesting Soviet aircrafts”

That does not mean the devs will not add it.

I will immediately buy it)))

This livery is still Soviet.

What livery,Transaero?

Yes, Transaero .

Transaero isn’t Soviet airline


I never understood these anti-russian-aircraft-requests posts. If it goes against your political beliefs, that doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t have the right to request it; suck it up.

TL;DR, You don’t have to whine just because someone made a feature request that is related to Russia and/or the Soviet Union

Transaero 742 would look nicer with PW vs. RR engines. Too bad they never owned PW powered 742s (From my memory)


But -300s were PW)

And all three engine types on 400

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