Transaero 772

As it became fashionable-my plane,which i want fly in this game:


Don’t we already have it?

no( Only 2 mythical 748,a380

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Oh, I could have swore I’ve seen it on a 777

Maybe you’ve seen custom?

Maybe they removed it

So 777 is being reworked; why not this or -300?

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I suggest it on the -300. Because:

  1. This B772 is paid
  2. The B773 is better
  3. If the B773 was free, it would be awesome.

Sorry for being off topic. :(


Oh, i forgot)

Yes, that would be even cooler)


LoL I just did a feature to remove the Transaero A380.😂

Any word on this? Can we have it in the game?