Transaero 747-8 showing up as Air Force One on preview

Well, well, well, the time to actually patch this glitch has come. Prior to 23.2, aircraft previews had a different angle. This glitch has appeared before with the release of the UPS 747-8, which lead to a new previews for all 747-8s. That’s when this glitch first appeared. There was a stopgap fix for it, which was to show the old preview exclusively on the Transaero 747-8. With the new preview angles in 23.2, however, I don’t think there’s an easy stopgap solution to this.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10
Operating system: Android 11
Infinite Flight version: 23.2


Not sure why anyone’s complaining. It’s technically accurate… ish

(We’ll correct this)


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We would all love this.

Since when did we have this livery? Is this from 22.2?

It’s been fixed on our end now.
Reinstall may be necessary though as this is something that’s cached and not refreshed unless update/reinstall.

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It looks great, does this mean that it is implemented in the simulator but is hidden?

It was used during a documentary filming and was never made public.