Trans World Airlines (TWA) 747-200

Seems the last request was closed due to lack of substance I thought I would make a new request.

TWA owned 7 747-200’s I really like this livery the red stripes with the white fusalge is really nice but for me what stands out with this livery is the black beneath the cockpit windows, it really looks cool. I really like this livery and if it could be included in a 747 rework it would be amazing.

The first TWA 747-200 joined the company in 1984 and the last left in 1998 before the company folded in 2001



Can’t see another request for this.

I am surprised that this didn’t come with the 742 release.


I thought it was already in the sim too, I went to fly it and was surprised to find it missing.

Here is the link for the closed request. TWA Boeing 747-200

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I’m surprised we have no TWA liveries at all (besides American TWA heritage, but that doesn’t count).

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Maybe an issue with using the liveries? 🤔

Surely not. They’re freaking defunct lmao

I know lol. Maybe they were just forgotten 😳

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How date they forget! lol

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Used to watch this land 27L at heathrow from my bedroom window as a kid, the black under the cockpit always made me think that this was a cool plane.

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