Trans World Airlines 747-100

TWA 747-100


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About the TWA 747-100

TWA (Trans World Airlines) was famous for their massive 747 fleet, consisting of three 747SPs, seven 747-200s, and twenty-six 747-100. They were alongside Pan Am at the start of the 747-100 and used the 747-100 to its fullest extent. The addition of the 747-100 to IF would also be nice, you can vote for it here!

Why Should We Have This Aircraft?

I would like to see the TWA livery on the 747-100 if it gets added as TWA was one of the largest 747-100 operators. There is currently no TWA livery in IF (I don’t count the TWA Heritage as that is an American Airlines livery, not TWA) and TWA was iconic, luxury in the sky.

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