Trans States Airlines Is Shutting Down (EARLY) + Huge United Express Fleet Shakeup


Quite a huge shakeup for United Airlines’ regional fleet:

1. Trans States Airlines will shut down by the end of 2020:

The airline currently operates a fleet of ERJ-145s on behalf of United Express from its hubs in Chicago O’Hare and Denver.

Trans States Airlines stated 2019 was a financially difficult year and 2020 isn’t looking any better. There’s also an “extreme imbalance between first officers and captains”

Today, the company sent a memo to employees stating they will be shutting down by April 1 as United Airlines would like to simply its ERJ-145 fleet, which brings us to ExpressJet.

2. ExpressJet will acquire 36 ERJ-145s:

The airline will acquire 36 ERJ-145s over the next 12 months bringing their total ERJ-145 fleet to over 125.

As a result, ExpressJet will undergo complete interior refresh of the ERJ145 aircraft comprising new panels, new seats, LED lighting, and an industry-leading personal device entertainment system. (Pretty sure this is streaming, not IFE screens).

“We have made the long-term commitment to the Embraer ERJ145 and designed the comprehensive cabin, seat, and entertainment upgrade to deliver a contemporary customer experience,” said Sarah Murphy, Senior Vice President of United Express. “We’re confident that our partners at ExpressJet can execute that vision.”

However, with this acquisition, ExpressJet will lose all 25 of its E-175s, which brings us to SkyWest Airlines.


3. SkyWest will acquire 25 E-175s:

These will be coming from ExpressJet over the next 12 months until the first quarter of 2021.

Chip Childs, Chief Executive Officer and President of SkyWest, said, “As their initial E175 launch partner, we are excited to become United’s largest E175 operator and the largest operator of the E175 aircraft in the United States. We are pleased to continue strengthening our United partnership through this new agreement.”

I believe this brings SkyWest’s E-175 fleet for United Express up to 90 aircraft.

4. GoJet increases CRJ-550 fleet by 20 aircraft:

GoJet, which operates the exclusive CRJ-550 for United Airlines, will increase its -550 fleet from 54 to 74 aircraft by 2021.



Image of E-175 by Embraer, image of E-145 by World Airline News
Trans States Airlines Shutdown Memo:
ExpressJet PR:
SkyWest 25 E-175s:

Pretty sad to see another company fall, especially for the employees. Though, I assume most will be relocated to ExpressJet


Additionally Mesa is getting another 20 E-175s to be delivered starting in either March or May 2020. 20 Mesa CRJ700’s flying under United Express right now will be sent to GoJet for the CRJ550 conversion 😁


visible confusion


I’ll add that in

This link kind of describes some of what I mentioned.


I was shocked to read this on the Helicopter Pilot Network page, they’re always recruiting guys from the page.

Wow! Trans States Airlines is shutting down 😱

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I am is a lot confused

Well, another unfortunate case of airline shutting down.

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TSA is shutting down?! How will air travel ever be safe again?!
Just kidding
Transportation security administration
Trans state airlines


Wouldn’t it be a lot easier for us and for many people for the companies just to add Express after the airline name? lol

Sucks that another airlines is going bust. Maybe this will be better for United though… who knows how this will play out.

The only thing I’m confused about is how TSA is shutting down but GoJet isnt… GoJet is TSA’s little subsidary. But it’ll be sad no more flights flights to Denver from my home airport anymore.

I see a lot of 150-300% premium pay. Ahem. Ahem.

It was only a matter a time before they went under. Sadly.

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Yep! 200% running right now as we speak.


Trans States Airlines has accelerated its shut down from December to April 1.

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And it’s over. Trans States Airlines had its final flight today (NOT April Fools).

I thought this was an april fools.

It was not.

I’m crying now

TSA was a big airline here at DEN. Sad to see them go, but it’s also shocking that some of their destinations were served by only them, will SkyWest or Republic pick up those planes or something? Or will another carrier under the UA express flag fly for them?

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ExpressJet is acquiring the aircraft. As for the routes, it’ll depend on what happens after this crisis. Pretty sure they’ll maintain most destinations, if not all.


That’s nice to hear.

Also nice to hear. Maybe ExpressJet expand out here? We must wait for the news now I guess.

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