Trans-Polar Flight @LFPO - 280000ZAUG19

Server: Casual

Airport: LFPO (Orly Airport)

Time: 00:00 ZULU time

NOTAM: The flight will be from Orly to Cape Town, the waypoints used will be:

This is an opportunity for non-expert players to enjoy some ultra long haul flights without getting any violations!
You do not have to do the whole flight, you can do any stretch and join any time!

Gates at Orly are: REMOTE N01, REMOTE N02, REMOTE N28, REMOTE N03, REMOTE N06 and REMOTE N05 and take any gate at FACT!

The aircraft and livery are the 787-9 Air Europa (100% fuel recommended) and you may stop whenever you wish or must.

I am eager to travel the world with you!
See you there!

N01 is for :
N02 is for:
N03 is for:
N05 is for:
N06 is for:
N28 is for:


Would you like to join?

Event begins in 40 minutes.

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