Trans-country flights!

Do you know that you can do trans-country flights now? YES YOU CAN!! Without global!
SoCal, America and Mexico.
Singapore and kuala lampur, Malaysia and Singapore.
Amsterdam, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France.
I attempted the last one a few minutes ago but for some reason I stalled to the ground even though I was in the region. Maybe I will re-attempt it soon!

I think most of us already knew this.


Well, I am just pointing this out! -_-

Yea I know, but I’m also pointing that out. ;)


Thanks, Cap !
P.S. we don’t have Luxembourg as I know

Ummm… Cap? You mean captain?

I never knew this…

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Me too! I was messing around with LiveFlight and… This!

so how do you exaclty do this?
do you just fly out of the region or something?

As the only one I know is the one airport down in SoCal called Tijuana. But most people already knew this.


There are multiple countries inside some of the IF regions. Countries have nothing to do with the particular region.


oh that’s what he meant…

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  1. Go on to LiveFlight.
  2. Pick a region that you can fly to another country from the list in the main post.
  3. Go to that region on LiveFlight.
  4. Look for the borders of the countries.
  5. Check on waypoints/airports in Infinite Flight. (You can see airports at the liveflight app)
  6. Make a flight plan that crosses the border(s).
  7. Fly!

Sorry, so Is that sarcasm?



Yay! Done it!


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