Trans-Canada (Air Canada) A319 Livery

Trans Canada A319 Livery

Air Canada
Air Canada is the flag carrier for the country of Canada, flying to Europe, North america, South America, Asia and Oceania, from there hubs in Canada.

Trans-Canada Livery
Trans-Canada was painted on C-FZUH in 1997 as a celebration for 60 years in operation.

In my opinion
I think we need this livery, it’s beautiful and reflects the beginning of Air Canada. It will be a favorite for most of the Canadian people. It will be really enjoyable to fly in!

This must be really nice if they added it

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It’s a nice little livery, like the SAS Retro in-game on the A319. I do love Air Canadal… Strugglign to decide. I think I’ll keep it for their newer liveries.


Can’t say no to this beauty. It really matches with the new livery compared to the toothpaste.

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Did better than the last time someone requested this :)

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Wow great this retro livery is really rare, saw it in YYZ once, but don’t have picture! ;( One of my favorite retro liverys !

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I wonder what it would look like on a 787


That’s an interesting question.
Call Air Canada :D


This is a really underrated livery and I would love to see it represented on IF. It would complement the existing SAS retro on the sim.

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Yes, we don’t need the new Air Canada liveries, they are too OVERRATED, Jk. Trans-Canada Livery is the best.

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Now that the TCA a220 livery is so popular this might be too

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But the difference is that this was scrapped in favor of the A220

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