Trans-Atlantic/Pacific crossings in small planes

Yea so I was just wondering what was the smallest aircraft you used for a trans-pacific/atlantic crossing. I remember I used a 738 to do La Guardia to Bergen and a318 for London City-Shanon-New York JFK. Just recently I pushed the limits with a a321 from Tokyo Narita (RJAA) to Los Angelas. This really all depends on the winds and altitude.

In real life this probably can’t be possibly but in Infinite Flight it might be possible.


I think a Cessna prop can cross the Atlantic with some stops in Canada, Greenland, Iceland for example.


I would say the Cessna citation X 😉


I flew jetblue’s A321 from Boston… originally i want to flew to frankfurt but i overslept and landed in moscow instead…


Might attempt to fly a a319/18 again from RJAA-KLAX

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I once flew from Edinburgh to New York in an AA A321 and when I landed after 7 hours of flight, there was more than 32% of the fuel remaining.

It really depends on the winds and weight (even tough it wasn’t a light flight). And without a diverting airport in thousands of kilometers, it’s not possible to fly narrowbodies over the Atlantic nor the Pacific in real life.

Let’s hope that the new A321LR can open those long and thin routes like EDI-JFK or BER-BOS.

Super Decathlon Trans-Atlantic hopping? I think so. I will personally see that this happens.

Infinite Flight tries to remain as realistic as possible. If this isn’t possible in real life, it most likely won’t be possible in Infinite Flight. REMEMBER that this is a simulator. Not a game.


That would be very hard considering the Decathlon has no Auto Pilot. You could set trim and stuff, but it would still require almost constant attention.

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Let‘s wait for the Airbus A321ULR


It’s a simulation game not a simulator.


But we try to keep it as realistic as possible. I will not call it a game.


To answer the original poster’s question yes you can do trans Atlantic/Pacific flights in GA but it takes a lot of stopovers and a whole lot of planning (winds will be critical here).

When it comes to aircraft like the B737s and A320s they can do these transoceanic flights as they usually do (especially Boeing) for delivery flights. the only reason you dont see these aircraft on long hauls is the economics of airlines not the capabilities of the aircraft so to speak.

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You can cross the pacific in nearly anything. Just use the Berring Strait.


I flew Norwegians 738 from Chicago to Oslo and ended up with just barely under 25% fuel left. That flight lasted 9 hours.

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When I flew an A319 from KJFK to LFPG. Had about 2 hours of excess fuel left. I know that my friend @Jet did that with me in an A319 while I was in a 763 but he overflew and ended up somewhere in like Rome or something xD. Wouldn’t recommend it honestly.

How much fuel can an A321 have left when flying from RJAA-KLAX, considering doing a Spirit long haul flight

its is unrealistic and really you are taking a big chance. The max a A321 tank can have is about 9 hours and 46 min the flight its self is 10 hours you will need to most likely have really good tailwinds and glide on final i know i would not test my luck doing that but if you do i think fly no passengers no cargo and fly where the winds are best and try to fly direct

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Yeah, I wasn’t planning on shoving 220 pax and full cargo on that flight, I will try for good headwinds.

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I am gonna go to a FL with the best winds using as we speak to test this and see if my fuel will be enough lol