Trans-Atlantic Airways

Hey, so basically I have an idea. Let me explain a bit further.

I propose that we add airways to the global maps to not only organise the major flight-paths such as the Trans-Atlantic crossing but also simplify it.

What are airways?

“Airways or air route is a defined corridor that connects one specified location to another at a specified altitude, along which an aircraft that meets the requirements of the airway may be flown. Airways are defined with segments within a specific altitude block, corridor width, and between fixed geographic coordinates for satellite navigation systems, or between ground-based radio transmitter navigational aids (navaids) (such as VORs or NDBs) or the intersection of specific radials of two navaids.” - Wiki (More at Airway (aviation) - Wikipedia)

Why and how?
This would create more organisation for flights on major routes. I also propose that we have someone designated to the Gander and Shanwick ATC’s. I recommend this on expert only though. I also think this would simplify the Atlantic crossings too. Currently, we have masses of planes crossing major routes such as the Trans-Atlantic routes and there tends to be no organisation involved.

There is my idea, please recommend what to add and your opinions!

i think that this is a good idea but they should add the fixes for the current airports approaches. many of the airports dont have real life fixes/


I mean we do have Simbrief to help us create realistic flight plans based on airways.

IF pilots could use that as a tool.

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yes i agree, but if you want to do a quick realistic approach there are no realistic fixes

It would be to add realism and professionalism, hence why only being on Expert.

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Is this more clear?


You’d have to follow one of these routes.


Would be cool if you selected airport and arrrvial before flight and a route was auto generated based off known airways ect.


That would be amazing, so you select which route at Gander and then leave it until you reach Shanwick and switch over to another route unless you are landing in Western Europe and it could tell you when to start descending.

Airways were already in Infinite Flight but were removed for bug purposes when global was released. However, they are expected to be reimplemented at some point.

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Really? That’s honestly a shame. I hope they get added back with adding some extra features too.

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ATC at Gander and Shanwick wouldn’t work because people sleep during their flights or go out and only wake up or come back at the TOD sometimes. I think this is probably why Centre control was removed with global.

I like the idea of having tracks but, as @BigBert10 said, there’s SimBrief for those who are interested in realism and those who don’t already use programs like SimBrief wouldn’t follow them as many people just put their destination airport in as their flightplan.

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Yesss this is a must have vote

It would be better just to have the tracks though?