Trans Antarctic service?

Norwegan air shuttle is loking to start a route from Bueno Ares to Perth, no big deal right? Not realy, the flight goes pretty much directley over the South Pole… The service will be operated be a 787-9. Now the Antarctic route can only be taken one way, due to the prevailing winds they can do the 330mins to a diversion required by ETOPS going to perth, on the way back the head winds will require them to swing closer to cape town SA, at any rate wouldnt it be awsome to fly over the south pole…

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"Norwegian has already applied and received approval for flights between Buenos Aires and Perth and is now working on approvals for flights to Singapore."


Sorry about this, I was searching for trams Antartic stuf, and did not find this, I will flag to be closed…

This topic is fine! I was just directing you to a different link and stuff.

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Ok well thank goodness I got distracted, and never flaged…

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That’s some crazy stuff. Taking a flight over the south pole must be interesting.


That is a wonderful idea. I would love to know when you guys will be doing this. That will be epic!!! 🙂

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@TransContinentalVA Are you sigesting I make an event of this? I actually think this would be a great part two in my longhall event series

Shameless plug, the first one will be this Friday, it is called the longest event, you should check it out…

All those customers from Perth are flying with air nz to get to Argentina are gonna fly another airline now 😬.

We were taking all that aussie money can’t let the Norwegians steal it 😜

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I already flew it on IF and it was a long flight…i cannot imagine being stuck on an economy seat for 13 hours…

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If you are on a flight from Dubai to New York you would have to be stuck on an economy seat for about 14 hours

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But at least the legroom is not as bad as norwegian right?

I did some research for an over-the-south pole flight some while back. Commercial flights aren’t allowed to go below 72S due to reasons

I nevertheless decided to fly over the south pole, YPPH-SGBR.

It wolnt let me put the image in normaly, I will try to sort that out on my Ipad later, but to awnser @david_hartono_S question for a borderline “budget” airline it is not bad

I’ve heard that no flights, period, are allowed to fly over Antarctica during the Southern Hemisphere winter months. The climate is too harsh for any aircraft to handle or land in, therefore Antarctic airports cannot be used as qualifying ETOPS diversions, meaning that the aircraft must remain within its respective time from airports on other continents. In July, McMurdo station (the busiest airport in Antarctica) sees average high temperatures of -18C, meanwhile the airport at the South Pole (which I cannot remember the name of off hand) sees average highs of -55C. If any aircraft were to land there, it’s fuel would freeze within minutes. Antarctic winters are also dark 24 hours a day, and for safety reasons, aircraft are not allowed to land in Antarctica after dark.

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well the flight may be seasonal, we don’t have a ton of info yet

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That’s very well possible. I know there are sightseeing flights already over the Antarctic in the summer (I believe they’re operated by Qantas and ANZ), albeit I’m not sure how regular these flights are, but this would be a first for a point-to-point commercial flight.

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@Balloonchaser You and brazilian?

I wish Aerolíneas still flew their A340s from Buenos Aires to Sydney

Whats with all these LCC’s wanting to do ultra long haul flights and whats with norweigen wanting this route out of all the airlines 😂