Trainings Server Down?

So I’m sitting in EDDL currently with everything green, including Global and Live Server, but I neither can communicate to ATC nor can see other airplanes on the map… Anyone having similar Issues?

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That is weird. Have you tried to restart the app?

Yes, have tried doing so twice already… Nothing changed.

In the Apch to EDDF, same here!

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I am going to check if I see something wrong about this.

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Try spawning somewhere like LAX to see if there is just nobody there.

Restarted app again and spawned into LAX. Also nobody on the map.

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Problem appeared like 10-15 min ago.


And btw. ATC‘s seems to be visable but could also like frozen indication.

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I was ATC on TS about 10 mins ago. Everyone left.

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I’m having this problem too, spawned at JFK and LAX, can hear people requesting to do stuff, but no reply, and no planes visible on the map nor in game

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I could note here anyone at KSAN

I can’t say that the server is down, but I am understanding you now since this is also happening to me. I sat there at Heathrow (largest traffic) for a couple of minutes and it looks like nobody is there. Although I can see people tuning into the frequency.

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Hang tight, we are looking into it.


im having the same problem too, it started just now

Well at least its not expert this time

Oh… this stuff again. Give me a minute :)


Ok, thanks @schyllberg

Same here, I am active (as ATC) at KNZY, however, can’t se eon LiveFlight etc that I am active

I maid a topic because I was ATC at KSFO. @schyllberg closed it saying wate until he resets the service