I’ve always seen on here that people say TS1 at LAX is terrible, but then I see people mention TS2. I have access to TS V2, is that TS2? If so, what is TS1, and how to get access to it?

TS2 was a supplementary server that was enabled when an player overload occurred in TS1. If TS1 has too many players, the second training server was enabled.


Is TS V2 the same as TS2, as I have access to it all the time.

V2 indicates that the server is global equipped. When the global update came out, not everyone got it immediately. To support these players without global, they could stay on the “V1” servers, but anyone who wanted global had to go on the V2 servers.

As of now there is one training server:

  • Training Server #1 Version 2
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