After the big Global Update and after many other little updates.

I was thinking of having training scenarios for ATC and flight.

How would it Work?
There would be an option to go to Training Scenarios and then you would choose ATC or Flight Training.

You choose the airport, weather, time and then the number of aircraft. Then they would start requesting for landing or taxiing in at different times. You would have to direct them.

Like ATC you would choose aircraft, weather, etc… ALSO altitude.
There could be a malfunction at 40,000Ft. You know what I mean. 👍
Or you could descend and land in bad weather. Unlike Short Final mode you’re able to choose altitude.

Tell me what you think.

Thanks, dylonez

Good idea! That would be my favorite server!

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I think this would require AI (Artificial Intelligence). Which would require more RAM and Space based from Laura’s statement in the past

But anyway, I think this would be a good idea (Except for the Malfunction Part)


Oh, what do you mean with that malfunction? Depressurization? I don’t think emergencies and IF are a good combination… Could you explain it?

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Malfunction won’t come in near future actually. I don’t want to see trolls abuse it and making this simulator as an Infinite Emergencies…

Remember, This is a simulator for flying experience. Not for emergencies 😉✌

The only Emergency confirmed is only if you run out of fuel. Which can only be used on Expert.


Maybe like a server? But not like TS1, but maybe TS2 with chanced mechanics…

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Another Server requires more money unfortunately. So I don’t see this will coming soon learning from TS2 Experience

All I can imagine is making a tutorial like how to fly a Cessna which is available in IF currently. But in this case, it will take more space and RAM as it requires AI


By malfunction I mean, a ‘scenario’ like it could happen at anytime. Not like you could plan it.
I know what you mean, it could be very slow.

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Great idea, the old missions could make a comeback!


I know I probably shouldn’t say this… but I think this may be a duplicate in a sense. Although they seem abit different: Introduction of an educational system.

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Don’t quite know about the malfunctions, as FDS doesn’t really like emergencies, and IF isn’t exactly that type of simulator. Everything else seems good though. @SingaporeAirlines The only place taht would require more ram is ATC, and to atleast reduce the ram the planes could not be physical, like in Live. Just dots on a map that do what you say. Although that wouldn’t train you for people who don’t listen.

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i disagree on this being a duplicate to my own topic. there are very clear differences here. from my understanding he is asking for customisable training scenarios with active traffic to be built into the app. i was asking for more tutorials built into the app under the same format they are now.

to the op: i think im following on where you are going with this. while it would be really neat to have, i would imagine that this would be a nightmare to implement (much, much more complicated than what the developers had to do to implement having the live servers.)


Yea. Ok. I was wondering whether or not they were duplicates.

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@dylonez… At 13 your pretty slick, slipped the “Malfunction” scenario in and thought no body would catch it. If I want a canned presentation with machine generated little airplanes swooping around or crashing etc I’d buy a juvenile Game App. IF is not an Arcade it’s a “Simulator”. Fagedaboutit! Max

(From the supportive comments & wasted votes here I really believe some members are in need of a little dose of life’s realities. In time you that qualify are going to have a rude awaking.)

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As @SingaporeAirlines said, AI isn’t practical.

But I am all for more organized tutorials that can be accessed in game, as @Nichalas_Petranek said. The issue that I have seen is most of the pilots on live don’t use the forum.

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How about “light airliner flight plan” and in the DH8D or 717 it will show you how to make and fly a flight plan like the current tutorials in game. Then like Large aircraft crosswind landing at night with 300m visibility ones that will challenge you

exactly! bring in more in-app tutorials and put them in a more prominent location in the app. it wont be totally effective in getting those people to learn, but it will be a step in the right direction.

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Wow, thanks for that, ‘niiiiice’ feedback. 😂

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