Training test before entering training and expert server

If an aircraft wants to pushback, they have to request pushback.

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We need a training test for people grade 2 and under you shouldn’t need this for grade 3 and over

I feel like there is not any training going on

Ideally, TS1 is where Pilots, and Controllers training in proper procedure come together to practice and hone their skills.

GND doesn’t have any control over non movement areas. Re-read what I said earlier :)

There are tons of tutorials and tips on here for how to operate within IF correctly. I understand the simulator point, but I also understand that we’ve all paid for a certain experience expectation. I propose a middle ground, which is voluntary tests that would be required in order to graduate to further levels. Whether or not this is a good idea, I still hesitate with it because the larger question still remains. Do they grandfather in existing members? Or would this be implemented, and many existing Level 3 pilots are revoked access until they pass the test? It’s a delicate balance of customer service and customer satisfaction. We all paid to be here. @zbelle @Maxmustang I’d love to see your thoughts.

It’s called “Training Server” for a reason. There shouldn’t be a test to enter training. And then having to test each individual pilot for the expert server would be a total pain. Ghosting on Expert is good enough for now.

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I didn’t say we have to make a test in training server. But I do require a test for expert because there’s a rule said. Absolute knowledge of all ATC instructions. And is not a person training pilots. Trained by the system. I’m requesting the devs to develop a training system not a person training people. 🙂🙂


@Flightfan84… I proposed Testing for access to all servers which laid out a Plan to test everyone and rate them a year or more ago.The plan included a written multiple choose machine graded knowledge test. the tests had 3 layers, Grade 1/2 to 3 w/access to TR-1, Grade 3 a little more technical when pasted access to Expert. It’s been closed and disappeared from the archive. Reviewing my original thoughts (my copy) I don’t really agree now with the “fairness doctrine” that Testing should be all inclusive for Pilots. (Controllers have there own training regime which test at the conclusion of xx operations on TR-1 + a monitored demonstration of competence to move to IFATC Grade which is an excellent Program.) In retrospect it appears to me now that one basic test for Pilots Moving to Grade 3 and an access tech test + demo pattern/ILS go for any grade to gain access to the Expert with a Designation “IF Pilot” could work.
Considering Fairness allow 4/5’s now who have Expert access to retain access w/o designation. Anyway you cut it. There has to be a skill test for access to the Expert Server with a by date established… Bottom line there are to many XP crunchers who gain access to the big time that have no idea how the Air Traffic Control System works. ( There the one’s who never file a flight plan and think there in a race to the threshold. Just Sayin. Regards, Max

(Give a 3 who passes the test a designation after his name “IF Pilot”. When he fly’s by an old timer who doesn’t have a designator those little envious “gripes” will fill these pages. Let them"!. Nobody said it was fair or ezy!

(Info: @Kevinlu11)


I don’t think testing is going to help, just one barrier to free rein isn’t going to weed out the bad ones.

Testing might reduce ghosts as to pilots don’t know how to interact with ATC.

In IF an aircraft can’t pushback without clearance. It’s the ground controllers job to manage all ground operations including pushbacks.

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That’s why I’m saying this. Some people don’t know how to pushback because there might not be a pushback option in the main area. So I request that something will show beginner pilots how to find the push back option which is click on the map and then click again and there are lights and seat belt and no smoking options. My first proper flight, I taxied first and I don’t know where to find pushback. It might be confusing for beginner pilots which are grade 1

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@Danman…Dan, this is a chicken and egg scenario. The Egg in this case is FDS’s failure to establish published instruction for the new guys. They come in cold and are immediately faced with a dilemma. Every simulator App & airplane game except IF has written guidance on the expectation and step by step written instructions on how to play/simulate within the App in a progressive manner, some call it an SOP. FDS hasn’t followed the lead of other successful aviation App’s. New members step in the door and go for it,. They strap on their favorite Airliner and crash and burn immediately. Eventually they may find the 172 video hopefully… The Hell with this, I’m preaching to the choir. The ball is in FDS’s court. It’s time FDS get this thing administratively organized.
Want IF learning material where you gonna find it; on the Forum, in Tutorials, Instagram, Facebook, Video. Nothing’s organized logically, there no reference library. Etc. Te hell with it! I give up… Let’em eat cake!


They’re still doing a great job, but I agree with you on some points too. Tutorials in the game is still important. And the a training test to expert.

Without criticism how will they improve?

There is always room for improvement.


Sorry I mean Critisism is okay when it’s constructive 😄

This is all for the greater good. This feedback is quite constructive as long as it’s taken in the correct context. No one is bashing the developers personally in any way. Of course we are thankful for them for the work they have done, after all that’s why we’re all here trying to help keep it going in a positive and constructive way.

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Absolutely, I have no clue how something can be worked out. I think the development strategy was sound, but the problem is that the benchmark for pilot quality is going to be flawed no matter what because of the market, the mobile market is not a market that takes simulations seriously for the most part. You have a hardcore group of people who is chasing realism, but they’re being outnumbered by those who want to mess around and see the world burn. While the hardcore group is the loudest, there are also not a lot of them. So FDS has to walk the tightrope, falling to one side means alienating the casual users, the other means turning away the hardcore crowd. I don’t envy their tightrope, hopefully they’ll sort something out.


@Kevinlu11… “Don’t criticize the Dev’s”. Why not they own the problem! Only" They" can fix it. You get not points in my book for being a member of the
"Developer Cult". Max

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