Training test before entering training and expert server

Hello, I requested to add trainings missions before entering servers training and expert. Don’t get me wrong, training server is nuts but it’s still training server. At least people in there need to know how to fly. Not just taxi right away without pushback, taxiing at the wrong speed, and 260kts speed at landing. Some people don’t activate the flaps. So I recommend a test on training server too.

Expert server is DEFINITLY a need. I got ghosted the first time because I didn’t know how to properly contact ATC. So a test is required. A test flight, with ATC and how to interact with them. Otherwise, uneducated pilots entering the expert server while doing the wrong thing wil, get ghosted. I know there are ATC tutorials on this forum but some people who play Infinite Flight might have didn’t know this website. So there should be tutorials in the game too. So that’s all I requested.

Here’s a poll to vote

  • We need training tests
  • Nah, we don’t need one

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I really want the Devs to add this.


Sorry if it’s a duplicate but I just thought the other one got closed


Great idea and many want something similar for expert but for training it’s a nightmare. We would need trainers and people to test pilots and already for IFATC it’s a massive operation in which @Tyler_Shelton manages to control, also people would get Live and won’t be able to fly with others and use ATC unless they were actually good, decreased revenue as not much point paying for Live without ATC. I think it would be good for expert but it would be very hard once again and it will be more of a effort to carry out then the IFATC testing.


Yes, I totally agree with you. In expert, some people don’t even care when there isn’t ATC around. And on training, don’t even get me started. SoCal is MENTAL! Los Angeles full of people that don’t even know how to take off. Rotating at 120kts in an A380 😂


Good idea. Though it may bother you and other people, aircraft that aren’t pushing back onto a taxiway or in close proximity to another aircraft don’t need to call for push. Usually when I’m controlling a busy airport and I hear someone calling for push not near a taxiway, it can get annoying. Especially when no other aircraft is around them. I wish there was a way to say push and your own discretion, advise when ready to taxi.


You know Aerofly? There should be a flight school option too. But this game only have two missions:(

That’s not a bad idea but can you imagine 5 minutes how it’ll be hard and long to handle this ?

It’s a good idea but it’s pretty biased because it’s still a simulator.

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But we definitely need one in expert server don’t we?

Don’t forget the 250+ knot takeoffs at KLAX



Training is Training, and Expert has hard requirements. What you are asking for is the equivalent of a “checkride”, and to be honest, this simgame just isn’t on that level at the present.


We can’t just leave training server like Casual. I also want to care training because some pilots are uneducated and we need to teach them. But we can’t help it if some pilots only want to act nuts there. It’s two different stories.

Read the thread carefully

It isn’t though.

Expert rules are in place on TS1, so you get violations for breaking those rules.
Fact is, you can act all kinds of crazy on Expert too without breaking the hard rules. A virtual checkride is only a single, possibly at intervals way to assure the pilot remains competent.


At least pilots should know how to pushback and taxi properly

Pay-to-fly for Expert Server. This will hold off most of the trolls.

We have payed enough. Just do a entering test


Test won’t work. They just repeat it until they got it right. I’m thinking about 50 for Live+ and 60 for Live+ including Expert Server access. And I think y’all can afford the additional 10.

No, the thing is people will complain more

Well, why are they here then? Follow the rules or some limitation for Expert has to come

No, thats why its limitations.

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