Training servers

Training servers are so frustrating sometimes. I’m just trying to get better at atc under high work loads at EGLL but no one listens to runway instructions and it’s so annoying. I’ve already applied to ifatc but it’s taking forever. Just wish everyone took training seriously and keeps the stupidity to the casual servers smh.


I get it’s frustrating but unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done. People are going to mess around where rules can’t be enforced through reporting.

Good luck with the IFATC recruitment process!


unfortunately, the training server is literally just the casual server but with untrained ATC that cannot report and speed vios.

im going to assume the recruitment process is taking a bit long due to the fact that a lot of people are applying since its vacation time. im also affected by this because its taking me a while to get my radar trainer.

just be patient and continue practicing, or not. the real practice comes when you get recruited. practice does not make perfect. perfect practice makes perfect. the closest you’ll get to perfect practice is from the IFATC trainers, not the training server. just be patient, your time will come.