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I’m very angry how, many people are giving up hope on Training server and how we can’t make it better. YES I know!! There is expert server!! But training server is where most people fly, and has lots of traffic (which is fun for some people). But I really think we could think of some ideas to make training server better and more realistic. ( if you know what I’m talking about ). Training server always has more than 50 people 24/7!
Training server is also part of infinite flight! Let’s help it make it better😀


I like that you’re trying to make TS1 better, however there’s virtually no way to keep nimrods from coming on and ruining the experience for everyone.


Unless you can get the entire population of TS1 to care, follow the rules, and come to the community, then there’s not much that can be done. This is the sad truth, so go fly on Expert.

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The only problem is that Expert isn’t available to everyone.

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If TS1 “nimrods” bother someone that is not able to fly on the expert server, then fly in places that don’t have much traffic (get away from SoCal definitely unless you’re flying in airports that traffic isn’t busy at). Earn up the requirements and then fly expert. No one is obligated or forced to fly with “nimrods” on TS1. Most people choose to fly with them, and then ironically complain about it.


I wouldn’t call that a problem…

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Do your part…report the nimrods and hopefully two others do the same thing to get him ghosted.

TS1 has essentially become another Casual Server where people like to dick around. Ive since given up on TS1 and just done all of my flying on Expert.

Your own flying is the only flying you can control.

Best to not worry about others.

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When I was restricted to TS1 I would stay away from Socal and other heavily populated regions. I earned my flight time, landings, and XP. I 100% understand and agree with your frustration and want to change the training server but the current IF rules set forth regarding TS1 inhibit any kind of more strict regulations. Like @S_Olejniczak said, we would have to get the entire training population to care. That’s likely to motivate even more trolls and nimrods I would imagine. This isn’t intended to influence you to give up, just keep working and anyone can get to expert.


I think anyone who complains about TS1 on the forum should be banned from both Expert and TS1 for a week so they can appreciate what they have.

Expand your horizons!

And most importantly.
Don’t worry, Be happy.


I will say that if most users would search before creating they would find the hundreds of threads regarding problems on TS1. Still, their posting rights are just as valid as ours.

Let them post, I just mean ban them from Expert and TS1 servers a week for being ungrateful.

I respect your idea. I would hope that if anyone had access to expert that they wouldn’t be complaining about TS1, so hopefully no one would need to be banned from that server. I try to tell everyone to spread out on TS1 and stay away from the populated regions. Trolls love an audience.

It’d stop most of the whinefest threads about TS1. And that’s what counts.

I am tempted to allow a TS1 Nimrod onto Expert

Why on Earth?


This could be correct. Even though reading constant threads about the same topic is getting old, it doesn’t seem productive to stop conversations or suggestions about how to make a part of IF better. That being said, it’s also useless to waste any time conversing or suggesting if there’s nothing we can actually do about it. Any change is up to the staff, who knows maybe they have some plan in place. They’d be smart to not mention it, it would likely only cause irrelevant speculation.

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