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Need a little help guys im new to infinite flight and the whole flying thing in general what does the training server give newbies in terms of learning to fly, i know little bits as ive played flight sims in the past, also im struggling to get passenger cabin window views ive tried the locked drome cam but im having no luck at all.

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Hello, the training server is a place for all pilots to practice their skills and gain experience before applying them in the expert server. It is the next step for those who are moving up from the casual server and introduces ATC rather than just Unicom. People looking to improve their ATC skills may also use the training server to gain some knowledge before joining IFATC. The expert server however is reserved only for those who will follow all real life procedures and ATC instructions. In this server level 1, 2, and 3. Isolations may be issued.
As for the camera just removed that left side of the screen moves you and the right side will pan.
Hope this helps.

The Training server is good to learn the first basic Rules with Speed restrictions on Ground and in the Air. So on ground when exceeding 35knt you will get warnings and when exeedet to long you will get a violation. Same in the air there the speed restriction is 260knt below 10.000ft above it depends on the Aircraft.

Also there are Violations about Aerobatics in the Airspace of Airports.

there’s also a violation for staying too long on the runway when

On the Training server there also are some people that do ATC this can be done by everyone there so also you could do it if you wanna try it. So there you and the Controller are able to learn how to use the ATC commands.

And now to your Drone cam problem you have two interior and two exterior Drone cams both can be used the same way on the Left part of the display your control it back, forward, left, right (Horizontal) on the right part of display you can turn the view to the left, right, up and down when your contril both at the same time you can go with it verticaly or diagonal. So you can fly with it around the Aircraft and search for the position you want. Thats how easy it can be used.


Thanks everyone for your help and feedback
Appreciate very much


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