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Where’s the best airport on the TS where I can still train well with ATC and not be worried about the usual nonsense?

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Somewhere probably quiet. To get professional pilots who will fly and give you feedback I suggest you make a tracking thread if your interested in joining IFATC. KSSC is a personal favorite for me personally. I linked a tutorial as to how to make a tracking thread below to attract users on the forum to come to your airport and give feedback.


Thanks that was helpful!
I’m more interested in properly learning communications with ATC as a pilot so that I’m more prepared when I go into the expert server. Any tips on that?

There are a lot of resources available. I’d check out the #tutorials section for many video tutorials.

Thank you so much!
Hopefully I’ll see you in the expert server when I feel more comfortable

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This topic below is also an amazing resource I’d suggest looking at before getting on the expert server. Anyways, hope to see you in the expert skies soon!

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I usually enjoy controlling KSFO and EGKK on training, there are usually no more than 4 pilots at a time at each airport, and 90% of the time they listen to your instructions

Great I’ll be on the lookout for those two
When I’m flying they usually don’t have anyone on tower or approach/departure

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I would often control at airports with intersecting runways for more training, Good examples are KPHL, KMIA, and CYYZ. They all get light traffic. My favorite airport I control at is KLAS since I know the area very well and I live there. It also has intersecting runways with lots of traffic from SFO and LAX. Good Luck 👍

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Love the support on this I honestly never expected this

Oh yea, I noticed how you said this.

The best way to train is finding an ATC tracking thread like mine. 99% of the time, the controllers will be professional. You can practice pattern work and stuff like that, they also get the practice in for being an ATC instructor =) Hopefully this answers your question! Have a good day / night.

(Here is an example on an ATC tracking thread)

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I like OMDB (Dubai Intl.) Two parralel runways, and not too much traffic.

Thank you! I’ll have a read right now

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