Training server

On trading server is there an option to say please check forums for assistance for atc when controlling on TS

No, it’s only available on expert


Well that kinda sucks

Well, it would probably suck if people sent it to pilots who aren’t doing anything wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️


True but when they are you need the command

I do understand your point though

Perhaps it is made available for TSATC? Or even “please follow instructions.” If the controller can’t provide feedback then the pilots on the training server will be slower to learn (IMO)…


I think it’s been established already, but TSATC won’t be receiving special treatment.


Wouldn’t make sense for someone who doesn’t check tutorials themselves to tell someone else to do so 😉

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I feel as if controllers on TS should have the ability to report a pilot if they do fail to abide by the controller’s directions, I think it should just be an earned ability, the reason why TS is so insane and unrealistic is because no one can enforce rules that should be enforced there, my idea is that controllers with a good amount of operations should be able to report pilots (1000-1500 operations.) This would dramatically increase the realism in TS. Usually, those with more operations usually have a better understanding of right and wrong.

How about no.

Wait but I do check tutorials

Having 1000+ Ops does not mean you know about everything on ATC, people can just farm ops on EGLL.

Also, I’ve said this a lot of times and I’ll say it again, Training server is there to help you train your skills, not to get ghosted for something you didn’t know (new pilots).

This “feature” would be extremely abused by TS controllers.


I mean for the controllers that don’t.

I think he is correct but it should abide by who the controller is but like you said it appears that TSATC won’t be getting special treatment but it would be nice because on TS you really are there to just to practice ATC and not really be like IFATC so I see that point

Oh ok I understand you

Ops are about as pointless as a deck of 50 cards.

They give no indication of skill, and are very easy to attain.

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Isn’t the idea that TSATC would be active users on the forum and receive training? How else would they know about the group?

At least TSATC should be able to tell them to check tutorials

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