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Last night I joined the training the server. I’m a noob so I do use appr hold as it makes the sim more enjoyable for me. Last night when trying to land at Heathrow my aircraft wouldn’t not catch the ILS? Is ILS not an option in training?

ILS is available in all servers. Not sure exactly what you are inquiring about. You were connected to the server, right?

Is it your not able to follow the heading the controller gives you to get you on the ILS ?

Be sure to give this great tutorial a look.

@Craig_Scott… MaxSez: “noob”? One does not “catch the ILS”. One “Intercepts the Localiser”. Appears you have some reading to do to understand the procedure and Av terminology… Google, the ILS Tutorials and “The Pilots Aeronautical Handbook” are your friends. The Handbook is available at for free, it’s the best. Regards

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When I was on approach I got no option for the ILS at Heathrow it was just giving me GPS to an airport close by. If that makes sense

@Craig_Scott. MaxSez: Makes sence. Your position was not aligned with the Heathrow rwy localized but a GPS cut of an airport closer. That airport had no ILS that way you got a GPS signal/heading. Read the AutoLand Tutorial it outline iILS intercept procedures, G’day

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Hello Craig,

After you look at those tutorials, I would have a look at the approach charts for EGLL (London Heathrow).

I can’t show a screenshot due to copyright but on page 24-27 you’ll find the ILS approach’s for EGLL runways 09L, 09R, 27L and 27R. All of the approach’s are the standard 3.00% decent gradient which means that you want to intercept the end of the cone at 3,000ft AGL.

In the future if you want to find the approach charts for your arrival airport just google “EGLL approach charts” for example.


I guess I see the issue here

I believe this is what you were seeing. When you are approaching an airport, you could see multiple options of combined ILS/GPS approaches (Usually the system picks the nearest one to you)

As you can see, the system choses NZAA Runway 05R (Auto option). But you can change manually to intercept any other available options by clicking these words abit longer. And you’ll see this option

Then, you can pick which one you would prefer. In this case I choose NZAA runway 05R

And now the system has locked the option (with “*” mark) and now you can set Autoland for landing.

Happy landings! Hopefully this guide helps!


Thank you ever so much for that. Yes it absolutely helps me.

Kind Regards



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