training server violation?

hello! I am currently flying DXB- SEA with a short layover of maybe an hour before heading back to dubai. so I was wondering how long can I stay at one gate without getting a violation in training server? or if there is no limit?

There is no limit.


Hi there!

There is no limit for staying at a gate, you may have confused this with the idle runway violation. Which is where you get a violation for staying on the runway for more than a minute.

Hope this helps, and have a nice flight!


I think you got muddled up with staying on the runway for too long, you can stay at the gate for as long as you like


thanks for the answers!

Also, you can’t get the runway idle violation if tower is active

Unless tower has given takeoff clearence, after line up and wait command.

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can you get a violation on the ES for staying at gate

Nope, same as ts @Luke_King-kong violations are the same on TS and ES, just you can be ghosted


Nope I stayed at the gate for 4 hours yesterday and didn’t get a violation.


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