Training Server @ VHHH

I would just like to applaud ‘Dake’, who has been controlling tower and ground at VHHH on training server for the past hour or so. I couldn’t find you on the forum…but you are doing a terrific job at handling the traffic, and surprisingly, everyone appears to be listening and following very realistically! Thanks for making flying out of my home airport enjoyable!

Callsign: Cathay 139 Heavy
Aircraft: Cathay Pacific B77W

Note: this was my experience during my departure, so I’m not sure what it was like before I arrived, but oh well 🤷‍♂️


VHHH is one of the few airports on TS with good controllers and a fair amount of traffic. Definitely my favorite airport to control.


Yes. I totally agree with @KaiM. I have never seen a major airport on TS with good controllers


Even better because it’s my home :)

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