Training server update issues

Hello there. So recently as you should know there was a new update to the training server. I’m for it. But I have one problem, I have been playing infinite flight for about a year to a year and a year and a half. I’m a grade 3 and have always liked this game and loved
all the updates. Now, I hop on infinite flight the other day and try joining server. While joining it I get an error message that is saying I can’t join the training server saying that I ha pave 144 violations and 77 landings. Trust me, it surprised me just as much as you. Now I know it has to be a 1:1 ratio of landings to violations, I made mistakes in the early times of infinite flight. I have made a previous post about this (in very little detail) and I was told I need to make more landings on casual server. That helped too, just that’s a lot of landings to make. This just bugs me a little bit because someone paying the same amount of money as me has more features then me. If we could please come to a solution ( I really enjoy the update because there is a lot of trolling on the training server) and I heard there are new atc messages ect. Thanks!

This have been hammered to death in multiple topics, and the rules applies to everyone in the same way. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. It won’t be changing in the near future.

Thank you for your business! I’m sure you’ll get back to TS soon.