Training Server TS1 Closed @ KSCK

I am ATC on tower and ground on the traning server at KSCK in the San Francisco area. Please do pattern work or anything that would help make me a better controler.

I need some help and extra practice on atc so feedback would be nice.

Notam: since this airport is small try to keep aircraft larger than a 757 out of the area. Thanks!

Thanks for flying in :)


Nice work mate. Unfortunately on TS1 you just need to learn to ignore the inconsiderate pilots who don’t care about rules or learning. Have you contacted a scout yet? 🙂

Callsign: KE-AST 😎

I do not know what you mean by contact a scout.

This was only my first time controlling and I feel like I did bad 😳

There were people not listening to me because I might have gave them the wrong command?

Thanks for flying otherwise!

Great job with ATC this evening. I was in the 208 doing a handful of patterns. I give you high praise for telling me to go around when there was an aircraft departing from the wrong end of the runway. Like @Sam_Keast said, it’s TS1 and there’s not much you can do. 😏 If you’re really serious and are looking to become a better controller, I suggest you practice on any region except SoCal. Like you did, post when and where you plan on opening up and the more serious pilots will show. Keep up the good work and hope to see you controlling on Expert someday.


Thank you I watched the Act tutorials and have friends that help me prepare. It got intense at the end when people were taking off from all directions !!

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Contact one of these scouts based on the region you live in if you plan on becoming part of IFATC.

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Great work at TS1! I was in the Bombardier Livery Dash 8 Q400.
Callsign: VH-DOOM
Great handling at the airport, you really controlled the airspace well. Also @DeerCrusher , that pattern work and the landing was 99% calculated right? Ha ha. You got the line up really well there!

Was that the landing there at the very end? When I full stopped?

I think so. I departed once you arrived.

I do not meet the requirements for the ifatc and only have enough money for one month subscription :/

I do not think I will be able to make it 😞

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Yea, it was at the end. haha. Barely made it on the runway. I was doing power off landings. Pull the power to idle at a given point in the pattern and make it to the runway. I’d say it went well. haha.

I am going to control in about 2 hours at Ksck if anyone would like to fly in. I will be at tower and ground.

Open now early than expected!

@youngbombs I think you should write (closed) on this thread and make a new thread if you wanna open another tower somewhere else or if you are trying to reopen it.

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I am Still open. Why you change to closed? There is no need to make a new topic since i’m trying to avoid clogging the forum.

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My apologies, I didn’t see the post you made 25 mins ago that you are open. 100% my fault!

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See that’s where I’m confused. You opened the tower initially 11 hours ago. So even if you want to open again I think you should close the thread and make a new one. I mean if I was gonna go open some tower I had open before I wouldn’t go dig up the last time I had that tower open and then write open.

No need to reinvent the wheel here just start a new thread. That’s just my opinion and you know what they say about those. Welcome to the community btw

I was the only one there who was actually doing pattern work. Everyone just took off far out of the airspace to KSFO

Everybody kept saying they wanted patterns but none of them actually stayed in the pattern 😭

That’s training server 1 in a nutshell really