Training Server to Expert Server

So I just got to level 3 and can FINALLY access the Expert Server. What, if any, changes are there from Training Server to Expert Server? Thanks!


Let me tell you about violations, son.

In all seriousness, there is a big big change. There are punishments for not following ATC rules, and there are also a lot of people in a close area. If you haven’t already, try flying on Training for a bit before you move to Expert.


It’s a huge step to go from casual to expert. I highly recommend taking a look in #tutorials to ensure that you know how to fly professionally. Also be sure to know how to interact with IFATC and how to prevent getting violations. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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It is a very big step up, and I suggest you first get yourself familiarised with everything by practicing on the TS.

  • Realistic ATC that can ghost you if you don’t follow instructions.
  • Realistic flight restrictions, speed, altitude
  • More experiences pilots

I suggest heading over to the #tutorials section to Take a look At some tutoruals for basic Flight and ATC structures and commands.

We look forward to seeing you in The expert servers, happy flying!


There are a lot, I suggest you watch infinite flights ATC tutorial and flying tips, you have to listen to ATC at all times, follow rules, and of course have fun! Tip: don’t use strobes and landing lights while taxiing only take off / landing and cruise just to make sure because there are too many people still doing that on expert

It’s fun if you follow directions, if you don’t, it results in a report/ghosting.

Check the #tutorials category, watch tutorial videos, and practice on Training. These will all help ensure you don’t get ghosted, reported, or get a violation, And have FUN!

This is what I’ve learned about dealing with ATC, always trust them no matter what they tell you to do, and they didn’t forget about you just because they haven’t given you a heading in a few minutes

Everyone sending you to #tutorials is a good idea, but furthermore don’t stress/worry because that’s when mistakes are mad. Even silly ones that can result in a ghost. My first experience on expert had me nervous and my reactions were slowish. Taking me a few seconds to respond because i’d check my surroundings. Then i found out about the community and realized it’s trained people doing atc. And then i trusted them. And well i rather fly with atc then without. But yea seriously remain calm. Taxi properly, follow instructions and you’ll enjoy your time on expert 🙂 have any questions pm me and i can help you more:) As many members can in this amazing community 👍🙂

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My bad y’all. Lol. I meant to say training server lol. Oh well. I guess the advice y’all gave me will come in handy for some other people!

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So are you grade 2 then? If you’re grade three you can go on expert, if you’re not then editing is your best friend

no he’s saying that he went from the training server to the expert server

Oh okay @TaipeiGuru I think you made the same mistake

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Welcome to the IFC.

Welldone on reaching the ES, on this service only proper qualified IFATC people are ATC. That means no troles. On this service IFATC will use ghosting when you dont listen. The ATIS frequency will also be active. Remember, IFATC usually handle 2 frequency. That means that are busy. So be patient. Check out the #tutorials. If you listen to IFATC instructions, ES is a ball. Violations also happen on the ES.

Check out this

Have a realy good day😁


Here’s a Pro Tip: Do what ATC says or else you’ll be landing inside someone on TS (Do what ATC says or get ghosted and fly on Training Server where someone lines up for takeoff when your at Minimums)

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To summarise all the posts above:

On Expert Server we expect you to know.

  • Know general aviation rules and procedures
  • Know how to land your aircraft properly
  • Know how to behave on the Ground
  • Know how to maintain separation with other aircrafts
  • Know the ATC instructions and follow them
  • Know what IF Violations are and how to avoid them

If you don’t know then I recommend you follow the tips and hints mentioned above. If you, then come and play!



Oh and only use unable if you’re really unable to do something, like being vectored into a mountain or being told to climb to FL1000, not just because you want to cut in front of the 50 people patiently waiting in front of you during an FNF

Thanks man! Really helps!

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@DisBoi17 MaxSez: Don’t let these boogeymen commenting here cause you to approach the so called Expert experience with a fear of flying as the “Pilot in Command”! Your the “Decision Maker”, ATC only provides a service. Take a GHOST or violation and learn from it. These downers go away in a week. Go forth in self confidence. Expert is just a crowded Trainer with fangs. GungHo, MaxSends

No problem :D. That’s what the IFC is for.

Btw, I see a lot of grade 3’s then 4’s or 5 on expert anyways. So you are in the pack. (I am grade 4 btw, and not too many fellow grade 4 pilots that I see on ES)

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