Training Server: Thoughts and Ideas.

First of all I want to explain why this topic is not in the #features category. The main goal of this thread is not to request a specific feature for Infinite Flight. It’s a collection of ideas of how Training Server can be improved today.


What’s todays situation?
As of today it is required to be at Grade 2 in order to fly on Training Server. For Grade 2 you need to have the following requirements:

  • 1hr of Total Flight Time
  • 25 Landings
  • 1000 XP
  • Less than 250 reports in the last two years
  • Less than 25 violations in the last 7 days

So far so good. As a pilot you need to have a certain level to be allowed on TS where you can start training under ATC conditions with the main goal to get on Expert Server.

There are two major problems though:

  1. Trolls
  2. Untrained ATC

Those two problems often make it almost impossible to train for the realistic conditions on Expert Server. This is probably why so many pilots struggle when they get on Expert the first time. It’s a different world with strictly enforced rules. At the moment, Training Server is like Casual Server with ATC.

But how can we change that?

Proposed Changes

Written Exam for Training Server ATC

In order to be allowed to control as an ATC officer on Training Server you have to pass the written ATC exam. As soon as you passed the written exam you’re allowed to control. This will ensure that the controller has some basic knowledge on how to handle traffic. It also gives the controller a chance to train the right way. They get to know how they have to handle certain situations the right way without just trying something that ends up wrong. They won’t receive the full IFATC training until they reach a certain amount of operations. But they already passed the written exam.

This will also ensure that pilots on Training Server will get the possibility to train under more realistic conditions.

Improved Disciplinary System on TS

At the moment, there are little to no consequences for pilots on Training Server who behave inappropriate on purpose. This can change by an improved disciplinary system. An idea would be that ghostings should be introduced on Training Server as well. In order to get ghosted, a pilot would need to receive a certain amount of reports. This system ones existed but was misused. This could be prevented by counting ATC reports and pilot reports differently. For example: In order to be ghosted, a pilot would need to receive 3 pilot report and 1 ATC report. By making sure that the pilot was reported by ATC as well as other pilots, the system would be more difficult to be misused.

Those were two ideas I came up with after I sat down for a while and thought about that issue. Maybe some of you have some different ideas as well. The thing is, that people are paying to play on Training Server. And their experience gets disturbed by the earlier described problems. In addition, if they don’t learn the procedures the right way in Training Server they will continue to make the same mistakes on Expert Server too.

Thank you for your time, and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as well.

Happy landings,


I feel like this might be acceptable but then how would others train? Like training server could be for complete new ATC go’ers but they need to train somehow. Would would happen if they didn’t pass this written test? Would there be more training for those who didn’t pass? Would everyone be able to take this written test?

I do like these proposed changes and I think this would make Training server a lot more for pilots that want to get to expert server and OBEY and understand the rules of expert server. It is just the written ATC test I am a little un-certain of.

That’s my take,


I feel that it for the ATC, it’s the Training server for a reason, so that they can practice controlling for expert. If it would need a test, I think there would be less people who would want to control on TS. Just my thoughts.

I do agree though with improving the disciplinary system but not with ghosts, but in some other way. The reports would still be abused because there are just people in the world who are out to ruin things, and there are definitely some of those people on the TS because as we have seen, they just love to troll.

Hello Marc,

I think you have highlighted some key points which are issues on TS, and to a less extant on the Expert server. Some of these points have been discussed before, however my own suggestions on these are:

ATC: the ATC on Training Server is for training on, both for the new pilots and new ATC, so having a test to use it may not be feasible, however a solution would be that to use ATC on TS you are a minimum of Grade 3 and have completed a minimum of 10 landings on the Expert server. That way whilst not necessary having to passed a test ( which would be hard to administer) the ATC on TS would have some experience and knowledge.

Ref “ghosting” on TS, again not always an easy one to work out a fair solution. Again a suggestion would be that pilots who are regulars on IFC, and a minimum of G3 would have the option to ‘Report’ a pilot on the TS. If a pilot receives 3 reports from three different G3/Regulars then they are ghosted for that session. Being a Regular on IFC would mean that there is accountability for reports and ghosting.

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I’m happy to learn ATC in TS mainly for the UK airports because there seems to be a lack of them. When I reached TS level I was underwhelmed with the activity here.


This would be great - and it would make sure that pilots look at the tutorials before taking the exam (maybe when they try to take the exam there would be a popup asking (“Have you watched the tutorials, if not, go and have a look at them here” (with a link to the Tutorials playlist on YouTube)

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As David_Lockwood said, I do like the idea of enforcement based on grade 3 community members so as not to be abused as well as remain accountable.
Also the same sort of idea based on atc training with a minimum of G3 with 10 landings on expert would also eradicate the “majority” of likely trolls.
I do believe it’s time for a change for the better for everyone who wishes to fly a simulator as supposed to just a game…remember there is still the casual server!!

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There are a number of feature requests in #features that you can vote on that deal with grade changes, landing counts, server access, etc. I do understand the frustration.


As explained in the past on a plethora of threads, tests do not prevent someone from trolling. Sure you may weed out someone who doesn’t answer a question correctly but majority of the people are learning and follow the rules. Anyone can answer a few questions to gain access and then act a fool. This is the same for grade level as well. There is also the issue of management of the tests and “oh I hit refresh during my test and lost progress” responses that take effort to manage. Personally I do not see tests being an answer. I see it more as one additional hurdle that will burden the pilots who choose to fly responsibly. Education and communication is key and you have probably started to see some of the changes happening to ensure that pilots are able to access information. (Blogs, videos, social media, etc)


Reporting has been abused in the past. Three reports and ATC just opens the door for more abuse unless there is some sort of review in place. There is a huge difference between a pilot pushing back without permission and a pilot doing donuts on the runway blocking traffic in a coordinated event. Often times I will get a PM saying “Hey so and so took off and was inbound straight at me”. Both runways are green, I can’t tell who was there first and cant see what the established pattern was. The reality is that a number of the reports would end up being false because the pilot doing the reporting may not know the rules.

Action Taken

As stated in other threads recently, if there is an individual purposefully performing an act that falls in line with trolling please contact a moderator. Action has been taken many, many, many times to the pilots who violate our ToS. We don’t post an announcement every time it happens and also the pilot may or may not be part of the community. But action is taken when appropriate on a case by case basis.

Bottom Line

This is a network based sim with people from all over the world. There is no 100% foolproof way to ensure every pilot acts accordingly 100% of the time without locking out the freedom pilots are looking for. Looking around at youtube videos of other sim streams it could be worse. Staff constantly reviews their policies and guidelines in a fast paced world like this and has made adjustments as needed over the years. They will continue to make these changes well into the future.

Thank you all that you do on a regular basis both in the sim and on the forums. From flagging posts to showing patience with a pilot ahead of you who is still learning all the way to a new ATC member learning the commands. The world is a big place and the moderation team cannot do it alone. The amount of helpfulness that goes on between members is what makes this community great! Thanks again!


Hello now I understand what I asked you
Your reply was not as complete as this post you posted.
Training Server: Thoughts and Ideas.
There may be two orders because the ATC can be training too, so there may be an error.
Tip a tolerance to the points but keeping the instructions that appear on the screen Example 3 errors miss 1 point.
In my case it was a lot of instruction I tried to follow and gained speed in one thing I already knew how to do that is to land on KLAX.

I can never agree with idea about written exam. This is a mobile application and you can’t force people to pass exams. People can be busy, they can want to enjoy and fly more realistic during their breaktimes. There can be many many reasons. I do never agree about this suggestion.

But, you are absolutely right about 3 pilots and 1 ATC reporting and ghosting. And as an addition, ATCs should record the session and keep records, also pilots should keep the replays which they have been suspended, ghosted. And they can appeal against ghosting with these records, Atcs can proof the reasons of ghosting.

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