Training server Shenanigans


Recently, I began training for IFATC, but first, I had to get 500 operations. Most of the time I just controlled at EHAM. However, one of the times I decided to control at KLAX, It was the first time I had done it, but I can assure you, it is also the last time… I admire your patience if you like to control at KLAX 😅. Nevertheless, I got a few neat shots that I wanted to share, I hope you enjoy!

boring stuff

Server: training
Airport: KLAX
Routes: beanz

1. Such a beautiful aircraft, I wish she still flew the skies.

2. Training server go BRRRRRRT

For context, both conflicting aircraft were not listening to my instructions, so I just had to watch…

I apologize for the quality of this one, sometimes in ATC replay mode the aircraft and overall quality of screenshots is not at its highest quality. I’m not sure if this is intentional or a bug.

3. Giant swiss cheese wheel in the sky


Instant Graham

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(Salut is both a greeting and a farewell in French)

My favorite route 🥰

Nice shots GooseMan!


It’s always a spectacular route to fly! 🤩

Thank you!

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Cheese, crater rock, mochi, Mike Oscar Oscar November, natural satellite, whatever you call it.
Nice job!

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That a380 shot is beautiful 🔥🔥


That was dangerous though

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The first thing I would try controlling KLAX is ground I was scared at first and usually traffic comes in about 5 mins after you become ATC idk why but I just get the right feeling controlling KLAX. It gives me more challenges then just doing tricky approaches. Anyways Nice shots

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bro if you think KLAX was tough try EGLL, you’ll definitely regret it

Great shots homme d’oie!


@IF_International Thank you, glad you like the shots! Also, here’s another one to add to your moon list: Dormant Deathstar…

@AP-PAK7861 thank you! Glad you could recognize the beauty in the pure terror that was about to occur on those passengers. 😂💀

@CaptainAli_yt Thanks, I appreciate your words! On a side note: glad you can find the good in controlling at KLAX on training, haha. I like how busy it is which is why I tried it, i just find that people don’t listen, shot #2 shows that, haha.

@fly.akm Merci beaucoup! I’ve tried EGLL a couple times, the worst I got was an F22 repeatedly pulling in front of landing aircraft to cause a go around, other then that, it’s more just people who don’t know how to fly, haha.


Dude I remember my G. 2 days man, I’d get the most pointless escorts known to man-kind.

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Aw man, KLAX TS is my favorite airport to control. There is, of course, the odd troll that wants to buzz the tower at mach 2 while you’ve got 8 ac waiting for departure and 5 currently inbound. You just learn to ignore those after they don’t respond a few times.
Perhaps we could control together one day there.
I’m working on getting into IFATC as well but RL has thrown a wrench into that for now. I’ve currently got over 1200 ATC ops and the majority of them are on KLAX/EGLL Ground/Tower. If it’s not too intense it’s too slow 😂


I’ve noticed that there seems to be a “tide” when it comes to landings and departures sometimes at KLAX TS.
You’ll get a mass surge of departures and as soon as you’re clearing the lines you’ll get a surge of inbounds.
You may have to instruct the first ac of the outbound surge to hold short for the last of the inbound.
It’s nice when it gets that flow.

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Amazing. I love your A380 photo.

Something that influences the tides

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@Drew_Vollenweider Im glad you can enjoy controlling at KLAX on training, I admire your patience, haha. I’ll be opening at YYZ later today on training if you’d like to join. Glad you like my shots, thanks for your words!

@mistersir Thanks! I’m glad you like my shots!

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I see 1 thing wrong about this post;

Absolutely everything in picture 2


@Icelandair_TeamICE That’s training server for you 😂

The balance is never there.

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huh when i control lax on training everything goes fine


@LordNC Indeed, same goes for all airports, thanks for viewing the post!

@Populeux_Music huh, I guess you just controlled at a better time, either way, I admire your patience. I think I did it on the weekend when it was most busy, so people weren’t listening to my instructions unfortunately, but, oh well, not much you can do. 🤷‍♂️

Thanks for viewing the post!

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