Training Server Rules

Hello! I switched from casual server to training server, I want to learn the rules of the training server, thanks!

You are now subject to violations. Meaning:

250 knot speed limit to 10,000 feet

350 knot speed limit from 10,000 feet to 28,000 feet

Mach 0.92? speed limit above 28,000 feet

Aerobatics can give you violations in non-military aircraft

This is all I can give you off the top of my head. The Training Server is basically Casual with rules. It’s not much better.


Is there announcements like casual? ex. Holding short, Take off, etc.

yes, that is Unicom and you use it when an airport doesn’t have active ATC

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"The Training Server is Basically Casual with rules. It’s not much better. "

Yeah, I just joined and I saw a CRJ just blast trough a A330.


Well, keep practicing being a responsible pilot, and you’ll be able to fly on expert, which has much stricter rules 🙂

And don’t forget expert or training ain’t hard, unless you don’t remember the rules from the top of your head

I don’t even remember them sometimes. Once you fly enough you just get used to it. I only fly on expert btw

That’s true, you don’t have to remember all of them, just general things that can get you violated, or if you’re flying with IFATC, you’ll have to remember things that can get you ghosted, which is done in one simple step: Follow their instructions, however I understand what you’re saying though, when you fly enough, you’ll easily get the hang of it.

If you ever need a wing man, most of the people who have responded to you (thus far) would probably be willing to help you should you need 🤙🏻

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