Training Server Respect to ATC

Imagine you are flying from KTPA-KMIA on Training Server. You are about to land from a 30 minute flight at Miami. There are tons of inbound planes that you have to wait 15 seconds for a response from ATC. You are on final of landing and half of a mile in front of you, there is another plane also on final approach. The ATC tells you to make a 360 for spacing or go around. You decide to ignore the instruction and land right behind the plane infront of you. The ATC tells you to check tutorials on the forum for assistance for using ATC instructions. Everybody gets frustrated when their is a person that is not following the rules. Everybody wants to have a realistic simulator. Just think, how everybody else feels when you do not follow the rules. Just because the ATC can’t ghost you, it doesn’t mean you can act rude. People spend $5-$50 a year to play on live and this is how they are treated. If you just want to play around like taking off at your parking spot, head to the casual Server. Think before you make a move that can be disrespectful to other pilots. Thanks for reading my opinion!


Well as everyone says: It’s the training server. There’s not much we can do about it unfortunately. I despise it as well, which is why I always fly on casual to expert.


More like training to get to the expert server to be ghosted …


If there wasn’t enough distance between the plane in front of you and you were instructed to go around…why didn’t you follow instructions?

EDIT: Sorry AA, I misinterpreted your post.

It’s just a hypothetical situation, or maybe he was describing it from the POV of the disrespectful pilot.

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Yep I just now figured that out. 🤔

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It’s a story example

I have to agree with a point that Max has made before. Just like we need to earn a certain benchmark to access the expert server I think there should be a benchmark to begin the training server. If someone downloads the app to just mess around then there’s solo and casual, but the training server should be just that, learning. Flight training, just like any other form of serious training needs to be more strict. I know some might not agree and that’s okay, I just wish the training server was a lot more formal.


It’s your opinion and I respect that, but I think if your really committed you can get your rank up and move up to expert, training is training, nothing can be done, I know it’s annoying but you know thats the situation that we have here and I see no need to make any changes


Well that’s exactly the way that I did it, so your point is absolutely correct. I do feel bad for those stuck on the training server though, lol. I can’t be there longer than a couple of minutes anymore. Thanks for your professional response, sincerely.

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There should be a #rant category for such stuff HAHA


I definitely agree with you on that. Not only does it need to be more strict for pilots, but atc as well.


Not the first post on this topic, but another good one.


I don’t think it should be closed because it has 13likes

well said! especially for those who can’t fly on expert! the 40k xp i worth it! No more annoying people!

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ATC article

Hey men, i also post a thing like that,

In my opinion, IF need a more couple of server a a rebuild of the level notion,

since the casual or novice player allowed to played on training server upset the confirmed and usual player (pilot and ATC, because et will be very ungry when lot of plane don’t listen or respond them)

secondly the rebuild of level, because it take more 6 month with quotidian flight of 1hour to get level 3 (i just reach him so i can reply), and have no sens, a little level 2 with 10 flight time 2 landing and 20 violations as not the same like a big level 2 with 45 flight time 85 landing and less 100 violations !

But think we need a god level and hard server , even if we not have a game but an hard an real simulation

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