Training Server Question

Do I get Violation points on my Account if I make a mistake on training servers?

Yes you can get two types of violations:

  1. Overspeed
  2. Aerobatics

Overspeed is pretty self explanatory, if you go past a certain speed at a certain altitude you will get a violation.

Aerobatics is where if you do crazy maneuvers near an airport you would get a violation


Depends on the severity of the mistake. You can get violations for overspeeding (usually 260+ IAS knots below 10,000 feet or taxiing above 35 groundspeed knots) and aerobatic maneuvers near airports (vertical 360’s or any irregular unrealistic maneuver, pretty sure below 10,000 feet). Taxiing too close to an aircraft will prompt a warning card but won’t issue a violation.


I took off from EGLL with F-22 and turned the right to go north then I randomly got and aerobatic violation for no reason.

If you think the game bugged out you can contact @appeals to get it removed but honestly you probably just banked too hard or pulled too hard on the stick while turning.


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