Training Server Question

Hi everyone I have a question how is training server should I try it how does it work is it kind of the same as expert server or is it different is training server for beginners?

It is not the same it is a big difference.Expert server provides professionalism and training server doesn’t provide as much professionalism as the Expert server.And the Expert server provides better ATC

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Training server has ATC, although not all are the best. You’ve probably seen the TSATC, which controls airports with good quality. You get violations for overspending (ground and in the air) and other things.

I never flown in expert or training server before

TS isbasically an upgrade from casual. But TS is turning into casual. Stay away from airports like LAX, LHR, JFK etc

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The training server is for new users who would like to practice flying into airports with ATC, and get used to using all the commands. All of the controllers who control are also learning just like the pilots.

I have some tips to give you for the Expert server;

  • Always follow ATC instructions
  • Have a maximum speed of 250kts airspeed below 10,000ft (this goes for training server too)
  • Have a maximum speed of 350kts airspeed above 10,000ft (this goes for training server too)
  • Do not do acrobats such as a barbell role in the air (that goes for training server too)
  • Stay professional at all times
  • Have fun
    You seemed afraid so I just gave you some tips to calm your nerves

Ok so I should try training server before I get into expert server?

Preferably, yes

I I’m a grade 3 pilot

Well that is entirely up to you. One of the main differences is that in the expert server the IFATC are qualified ATC controllers and know what they’re doing whereas on the training server, most are just doing it for fun and some are training to become IFATC.

I suggest you take a look at the tutorials before entering the Expert server

Thanks for the advice

I will probably try training server first

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Great idea! I have been on the Expert server for nearly 2 years so it’s like chalk for me.I went through the same thing your going through when I first gain access to ES and TS too

So expert server and training server have the same rules correct?

Yes, they both have the rules of 250 knots or below under 10,000 feet, under 35 knots taxi speed on the ground, no runway idle for more than a minute without ATC clearance, and no manouvures in controlled airspaces

Thank you very much

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For cruising speed is there a certain speed

You cant exceed 350 knots IAS above 10,000 feet. With smaller planes like the cessna or the TBM or the dash 8, the max speed is lower

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