Training server professionalism

I know this probably won’t be seen by the people that it needs to be seen by but it is very frustrating and annoying when ATC is neither competent or professional. I understand it is for “training” but I feel like there are some things that even someone training should understand.

  1. Do not spam me when I am flying into the airport. When I am within range, I will contact the approach frequency as soon as possible and say my intentions.

  2. Tower, you have no business contacting me until approach has handed me off to you. Obviously this is a different story if there is no approach frequency live.

  3. Please know your Airport and runways before you take your position. I just had someone Vector me completely wrong into San Francisco, I asked for the longest runway with an ILS approach and I got the shortest Runway with no ILS approach. Even a few minutes of looking at charts before taking your position could avoid all of this.

  4. And of the most frustrating thing, if you are going to be a controller of any kind. Please commit to at least 10 to 15 minutes at the minimum of time. One of the most annoying things is when you are vectoring me in off my course and then you quit. Now I’m stuck with no flight plan and with no controller. Plus it is very annoying having to swipe the messages away every 5 Seconds that someone enters and then someone quits.

Thank you for your time, I tried to be as polite as possible in this request so please do not flag this, I want as many people as possible to see this so we as in Infinite Flight Community can grow stronger and more professional


As mentioned numerous times before, the training server will always be the training server. It’s more likely than not that one topic won’t change everything.

My suggestion to you is to fly on expert, IFATC know what they are doing and can provide the best possible service. It may be a grind to get there, but it pays off in the long run.


I know you want to help but since it is a learning server there isn’t much you can do

an most training sever pilots don’t use the IFC. But great ideas

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I am grade 3, so I can fly in the expert server. Just trying to help


If you can fly in Expert, then do it lol

I don’t know why you’d want to spend your time in TS especially if you don’t have to

I guess I should have explained my bad. I do spend most of my time in the expert server but sometimes I help other people and try to show them how to get to expert server. So when I’m there it’s obviously frustrating knowing the professionalism of the expert server and not seeing it there. Especially seen in as that, how can you train for something if when you get to the expert server it’s completely different? It’s not that big of a deal for me because I can just leave and go to the expert server but there’s lots of people who can’t and I want to give them the best experience with IF as I can

Thanks for your post. Training Server is a place where both controllers and pilots can train to become fit and ready for Expert Server. While I understand that it can be frustrating not to get the best ATC experience, we mustn’t forget that Training Server controllers aren’t IFATC certified. They might be users just tying out how ATC works. 😊