Training Server : Please Tower Controllers! Let Approach controllers doing their job!

I know you can’t wait to welcome the pilots on final of the airport you are but if you could just check the airport information and watch out about approach open frequencies, then it would be nice if you patiently wait for the aircraft coming into the ILS/GPS path of final approach before telling pilots to contact you.

It makes the controlling session more enjoyable for approach controllers, thank you !


Well i’m totally agree with you.
I was in that situation before. APP told me ILS 25R LAX and Tower decided to use 7R and i was so confused… Which runway i should use…

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It’s the Training Server. The purpose is to train; not everybody is going to be a professional at it.


We’d love to have you ;)


That was the moment where I applied at IFATC Team cause I was fed up with the Training Server :))

As @Mxrzy mentioned… feel free to apply :)


I mean, realistically it would be the Tower controllers call on Expert as most of the time they are the ones controlling the ATIS that Approach and Departure follow…

On approach, it’s always the radar controller that hands them over. Tower controllers have no control over the aircraft or what it’s doing until radar has cleared them and handed them off. ATIS usually has no effect on the radar controllers job unless certain procedures are being required.

Wait really? So even if Tower puts runway 07L only at an airport for landing in ATIS radar can tell an aircraft to land on 07R for example? That seems very odd and like it would mess up the flow, seems super counterproductive

Radar has the final authority on what runways to use. 3.6.1 of the ATC Manual States “You must not dictate to the Radar Controller which runways should be used.”

Although someone on local usually controls the ATIS, the approach controller can decide what runways to use. This can mean changing the ATIS if necessary if the radar controller deems the current runways in use unfit. Really, it’s mainly approach that’s handling the flow of aircraft into the airport, and the main control by the tower is departure flow. Another thing to be noted is the ATIS doesn’t need to be 100% followed. For example, for some beneficial reason, the radar controller needs to deviate from ATIS for an arrival, there is no issue in doing so, though it is good to communicate that. Since we communicate in real-time through Discord, we have minimal to no issues with regarding runways in use, and any changes made can starting take effect really quickly.

Finally, also according to 3.6.1 in the manual, " In addition, once aircraft have been handed over to Tower, runway changes should be kept to a minimum for instrument arrivals." so mainly only if it’s really really necessary to do. This means tower can still give runway changes.


Huh, okay, I was under the assumption that ATIS must be followed, but fair enough. Thank you for helping me learn a little more about it!

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Nope, we can deviate from it. Even for departures, we are allowed to do so as after all, we are the ones who set the ATIS. Also, you don’t have to request a runway that’s in the ATIS (obviously that’s highly preferred). Since we are a service we can try accommodating other runways as a request even if they aren’t on the ATIS. I don’t believe it’s in the manual anywhere, but Tyler has said this himself.

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Ah very interesting, that is very useful to know in the event that I am ever running very low on fuel. Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me and teach me more about how the IFATC works!

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Don’t give them any ideas haha

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This has happened before. For example at NZAA, controllers were able to make an aircraft safely land (deps were halted temporarily) on 23L while all other planes was departing/arriving on 5R (opposite direction!) even when it was the hub (very busy!) because of a fuel emergency (they probably wouldn’t have made 5R).

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Yeah, I know about this happening IRL, I just thought that if you tried it in the sim you would be reported or ghosted. But thank you for enlightening me!

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This situation happened in IF on the expert server, not talking about IRL.

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Oh I see, very interesting. Thought similar would have happened IRL at some point, the more you know!

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Here are some points to clarify and cleanup as stated above!

  1. The Training Server is 100% non-certified controllers meaning the level of professionalism and incorrect procedures will be high.

  2. To add, you are correct regarding “Tower” using the wrong command but we must give the benefit of the sought as I have stated above.

  3. I myself and others understand the Training Server is far from ideal. We unfortunately don’t have much power and the best thing to do is to apply for IFATC!

If you would like to apply for IFATC see posts above regarding the recruitment process.




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