Training Server Outage Thread

I tried also and still not getting access

It should be fixed. If not, then FDS might have a few more things to look at

Okay, alerted Laura. Standby :)


Hey guys, I realize this is an issue for several of us but it would be appreciated if you could only post if you could provide constructive help as we are trying to get to the bottom of this.

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Hi Tyler -
Thanks for your hard work, I tried to reset my system and several other people on the IFFG form said the same thing and still getting the same error, thanks for everything you all do!

Yep, looks like they are right Tyler, just loaded in

Alright let’s chill out here. The problem is now known already, so it is now up to Tyler to reply. No need for other relies until we hear from him.

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What’s your callsign?


Air Canada 157

Haven’t got any violations in over 7 days

Hey Laura,
My callsign is TEXAS with the display name of Delta Alpha Lima IFC . I am enroute to KPHX on the training server. This issue arose about 10 minutes after I hit my cruising altitude.

It should be fixed now, sorry about that :/


NP thanks for fixing it guys

I am still disconnected unfortunately.

So now the question is… TSATC On TS1?!? :P

Try restarting and re-opening, it worked for me.

thats in my screen of training server

I believe you will unfortunately remain disconnected until you start a new flight sorry about that it happened to me before as well

Laura has resolved guys. Thank you laura!

I’ve closed and re-opened but still disconnected.