Training Server Outage Thread

Hey IFC,
I am currently doing KDEN-KPHX on TS1. I was kicked off Expert Server yesterday for receiving violations. I forgot to watch my speed upon descent. So it won’t connect me to the TS. I have been flying perfectly fine until now. Why is that?

iPad Pro 9.7 inch 2017
IOS 11.2.6

I have not restarted/reinstalled yet because I am in the middle of my flight and don’t want to quit.


If it happened just now, the training server went down. There was already a topic about it just now.

It should be back up now.

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I saw that, but if it is back up, why is it still doing this?

If it is still doing this, give it a little patience. If the training server went down and it comes back up, there could be a lot of people in the process of reconnecting to the server. Give it a little patience and see what happens. Otherwise, you may have to check your internet connection.

I have a strong internet connection. Sorry for not mentioning that.

Thank you for contacting support! We did recognize an error in our grade system/server requirement setting, as the training server does require Grade 2 to gain access. We’ve made the appropriate change to reflect this.

Casual: Grade 1
Training: Grade 2
Expert: Grade 3

We do apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!



@Tyler_Shelton I was demoted to Grade 2 from Grade 4. That shouldn’t be an issue.

Grade 2 is now required for Training Server?

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Wait… so are the Training Server requirements changed? Or is it a bug and TS1 is still for Grade 1s?

Correct. It should’ve been Grade 2 all along but at some point was only requiring 1. We’ve made the change back.


Oh. Who knew! I always thought it was for Grades 1-2. Thanks for the update!

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Wow, I just learned something new about the training server! For my whole time with IF Pro and even Live, I thought TS was also for Grade 1s! You learn something new everyday! :)

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@Tyler_Shelton So is this a bug on my end or an all around issue? I am hoping this is resolved before I begin my descent in 15 minutes.

Hold on i am confused i am grade 2 than why it still pops up for me

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so let me get this straight in order to change the requirements people had to get disconnected and that is why it is showing too many reports on some accounts correct?
EDIT I am grade 3 still showing up for me(sorry for the bother)


Can you close and relaunch… let us know if it works?

Let me try that, I’ll report back.

I did that like 3 times already

Still showing that i have too many reports( 0 reports)
Cant say the same for expert tho as it works perfectly fine i am connected there

@Tyler_Shelton No luck unfortunately.