Training Server on Live Flight App isn't loading

It seems like there’s a bug when trying to track my flight on Live Flight App for the Training Server. Tracking is working fine for expert and casual servers but not for training server. Anyone experiencing the same issue. btw my internet connection is working fine so that shouldn’t be the issue.

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It happened to me once and just quitting the app and coming back worked. (Don’t know if it’s the same problem though)
Update: training server works for me I can track all the flights…

Thanks… but I tried many times and sometimes it loads for 30 seconds and then disappears.


I waited for 10 seconds-ish and planes loaded normally.

I was just about to ask I was trying to track my flight flying from JFK-Dublin but no planes are loading in

Try reinstalling the app if you are using it or reloading the page. May take a few attempts