Training Server Loading Issues

I want to do a flight in training session but I get this problem where the atc is practically empty, there’s no online flights at all, here is the evidence.

That only shows planes that have filed flight plans for arriving into those airports. There may be planes flying in and out of that airport however.
Not everyone files flight plans as it is training server.

Server is mostly likely having issues

Do you see any other planes when you spawn in?

Nope training server is down at the moment

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Nope even in expert and casual server the same problem, I can’t contact atc even though they’re active

Expert and casual seem to still have some users though

Try restarting ( If issues are in all servers)

I see thanks

For me it was hardly any, usually there’s a lot more than this

Yh same issue unfortunately

The training server is down. The appropriate people have been notified, and they’re working to try to get it back up as soon as possible. It’ll come back soon hopefully!

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there was nobody

Training Server outage is being looked into at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience guys. Will advise when server is restored. Hang tight. Thanks!


Will we still get xp from the flights we’re doing?

Yes. You should still get your XP and your flight hours. 🙂

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Ok awesome cause I’m out flying rn so just had to know if I had to cancel flight

I just landed at LAX on the Casual Server (AA2354) a few minutes ago and the Training Server is definitely down. Was showing all 0’s and now only shows Casual / Expert. What’s weird was there was somebody ____savage working Socal Departures that gave me clearance for 25R (Thanks buddy). I’ve never had ATC on any flights when flying Casual. Hopefully TS will be back up soon, not sure how much more I can tolerate the smart asses that blow through the “terminals” and take off without even as much as even looking at a damn runway🤪🤯. Or the fighter jets that harass and fly through ppl. I’ll be sticking to Expert