Training Server Lag

The Training Server is lagging very hard with interruptions.

Sorry but you will have to elaborate here. Makes very little sense right now…

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3 people who are friends with me disconnected at the same time.

How is that lag?
Have they reconnected?
Is it you as well or only your friends?

They keep disconnecting and reconnecting

But you are not?
I asked 3 questions and you answered half of 1 ;)

How fast is your Wi-Fi?

Bro we have the strongest wifi in Europe it aint a problem

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All. All are disconnecting and reconnecting.

Including me

Speed does not matter.

Really? But some Wi-Fi works better than others, right?

I cannot aerial refuel because of the lag.

The server had some issues 24 minutes ago by the looks of it, but everything looks OK now.

Again, this makes little to no sense.

Ill keep you updated my friend changed to an iPad

I explained this a bit more detailed here:

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No despawning so far

Aerial refuelling still does not work this is a huge problem

I am 96 hours in a flight I cannot afford to lose this now

Seriously I am not joking. The server is lagging horribly. Aircraft keep going away then coming back. Get teleported 1nm away then come back. Idk what I am gonna do.