Training Server issues

Hi there, before we start I would like to say I am a bit upset.

Anyway so, I haven’t been on infinite flight for a week or two, and I hop on today flight plan filed and everything and try to join the training and it says I can’t. I would like to say it’s one thing for me to buy an subscription to infinite flight but then it won’t let me join. Then I try joining the casual server, it was full. I’m not sure how I am supposed to get more landings then violations if I can’t go on expert or training server. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks.

Please read my whole post.

@Chatta290 - we need to work on your reading abilities.

Seems like Casual is a bit more crowded now for sure… You should be fine to enter soon, but it seems like some capacity adjustments may be necessary.


Thanks, but I kinda want to fly on training server (atc) and I can’t. Also, I’m a grade 3 and not a new player, I just don’t fly frequently.

What message are you getting when trying to access the server?

Can’t, to many violations then landings. Those violations are from when I was a new player. like I said above, I don’t have enough time to do so many landings.

Too many violations than landings. 103 violations (from when I was an early player and little mistakes) 77 landings

Touch and goes don’t take much time to do. You can practice short field doing that too. I like doing those kind of patterns just to stay sharp when it comes to tight spaces or obstacles in very close proximity to the runway.

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Then you will have to increase your landing count so it exceeds your violation count.
Nothing else can be done I’m afraid.

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The only solution is to wait until he can access the casual server I guess.

Alright, do landings count on casual though.

Yes. They do count :)

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