Training Server is a Mess

So people actually know the controls of the plane before TS.

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Before jumping to the training server there should be test regarding ATC instructions and aircrafts controls, and then you will get into the training server, so that you can polish your skills before jumping to expert server

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I strongly disagree with that. There is no way rules can be enforced in a place where you can’t get any Level 2-3 violations.

And just remember, people pay to do what they want and have fun to do. That’s why we have Expert Server, to separate people who pay for realism with the ones who pay to mess around and have a bit of a laughter.

I soo agree with that opinion 😂😂…The staff should rename the training server to Casual 2. Although it is a “learning” environment some pilots (most not on the IFC) take advantage of the term “learning” and proceed to do as they please as there are no consequences (such as farming with TSATC active at the airport). I have learned to have a very thick skin controlling on TS and IGNORE (my own version of a ghost)


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