Training Server is a Mess

Hi guys,
Is it right to do pattern work in busy airport such as Heathrow?

Unfortunately, that’s how the training server is - people are training and often don’t know stuff like that. There aren’t really any rules or restrictions on what someone does on the server.

If you’d like a better or more realistic experience, the expert server is the place to go - you’ll get there in no time!


Bruh unfortunately there is nothing that can be done
But I can say get to expert server but you would say same on ES
Even with iftac ES is also kinda mess sometimes
But ES is guaranteeable 😀

The thing is I was controlling Heathrow tower, there was a guy who was doing pattern work continuously, it was very difficult to handle incoming outgoing traffic along with the pattern work, that guy was not even following my instructions creating disturbance in the traffic flow I was maintaining. I even allowed him to do 6 7 pattern flying but at one point I told him to divert to another airport or no pattern work allowed. Is it my fault and his fault? He should be reported or atleast get level 1 violation. Worst thing is, he was grade 4 flyer.

Unfortunately grade doesn’t mean anything. A Grade 1 Pilot could be better then a Grade 5 Pilot. If you want to work on your ATC skills I would check out this topic, it details how to make an ATC Tracking thread. This can help you grow your ATC Skills with less trolls. Check it out!

Unfortunately my brother as much as I hate it to, nothing is going to be done to fix it.
You’re just going to be told to move up to the expert sever which is a problem for me because they’re shouldn’t be two casual servers. New Pilots that actually want to train and get better often have their experiences tainted by trolls. But at the end of the day “just move up to the expert server.”

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@Sashaz55, thanks alot for this informative thread, I have tried to become IFATC, but seems like I have level 2 violation, once it get over I’ll again apply for that.

@vaibhav_singh brother the ditto same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. There is not much you can do at the moment. Training Server is for the pilots to learn to fly with violations and ATC. Some pilots can create problem for sure, but that can’t rule out the fact that the new learning pilots should not be given chance to experience a expert level type environment to learn. I feel sorry for the guys in training server who want to join IFATC and practicing there with such pilots. Do try to join IFATC when you are eligible. Link to my same experience is down below.

A moment ago, one of staff member messaged me, if I can give them his name or some details they too looking for some guy who fits according to my description, fortunately I took the screenshot of his stats. Let’s see what happens next.

If the traffic is low enough to do pattern work yea for sure. I just controlled the approach for 45 minutes, the traffic is so high and people start doing pattern work i can’t even deal with them. Man I really hope there’s a ATC command said “Please follow ATC instructions or you will be reported” like a warning. It’s giving me a hard time to deal with people flying a mess. Or something like NO VFR allowed

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EGLL, KLAX, KJFK are not the best places to do pattern work. You might get inexperienced ATC. Instead, try attending ATC threads posted in the community to do pattern work… you can help aspiring IFATC members and give them feedback as well!

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Yeah, totally mess. Some of the pilots don’t have patience, they just cut the line or go through the other aircrafts just to get clearance first.

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I totally feel you. for example one of them ask me if he can proceed to JFK and I reply “Unable, proceed on course.” and “Frequency change approved good day” (because it’s not my coverage area as an approach for EGLL). Then he replied good day and tuned off. 1 minute later, he tuned in again and again. 🤦🏻‍♂️

IF should give rules to people who is in training server, like tell them what is pattern work and proper ATC command. No one wants to get violations when they get into grade 3 on expert server, it’s not fun.


There should be another training server (for people that actually want to train). At this point there is no difference between casual and training.


Same, happened to me as well😂😂 I am controlling KLAX tower whose range is 50nm, how can I give clearance for EGLL😂😂😂

Training server isn’t supposed to be a professional environment. It’s where people get familiar with airplane controls and get used to the ATC commands. A frequent flier will make it to the Expert in no time. No one in Training really cares about listening to ATC nor are they bothered to be realistic. It’s just how it is. It’s where casual fliers have fun with others.

It’s not even training sever is Casual 2.0


Making barrel rolls, cutting through someone and ignoring simple commands from ATC isn’t training. You can clearly tell the difference between someone who is genuinely confused and someone who is trolling. And let me tell you that most of them know damn well what they are doing.


then why are there a casual server?

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It’s kind of what I am saying. I edited my post above.

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