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Hey guys, so … I’m new to the Sim, but I’ve played on the casual server and got some experience and I’m now a Grade 2. I wanted a bit more of a real world experience so I went into the training server, and I have a question to ask … maybe two … and I’ll appreciate it if you guys can help me out.

Ok… so my question is:

1 - When traveling to an airport, and your star starts descending at a vector, but that vector is Miles before you reach your destinations center radar, are you supposed to “check in” to the radar when you arrive into the airspace and request Descent while still following your “star” plan and descending ? Or are you supposed to “check in” to the center radar and request a frequency change straight to the director ?

If you guys can help me out, I’ll greatly appreciate it because I’m honestly stumped lol

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Hey there!

Welcome to the community and the training server…

Concerning your inbounds requests, here’s a post that might help you with it’s algorithm…

Keep in mind that the training server’s ATC are not trained IFATC so it may not be a representative experience of what you’ll get on the expert.

Have fun a see you soon on the expert!



Firstly, welcome to the community. It’s great to have you here!

When arriving into the airspace of your destination airport and you are flying an IFR flight, you would “check in” with the center controller if present. Once you get closer to the TOD (Top of Descent), you would request permission to descend via your filed STAR from center. Once they response with “proceed as requested”, you can begin to descend using VNAV.

If you are flying a VFR flight (no flight plan), you can request flight following with center and it will be your responsibility to maintain VFR separation with other aircraft. Keep in mind, the controller may still vector you to avoid conflicts etc.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Hey guys, thanks for the welcome. I’ts also great to be here 🤝🏼. But i’m still a bit lost. What if my top of descent begins before i reach the Center Radar in vicinity? For example:

If my Star vector says that i must descend to 10,000ft by a certain vector, but that vector begins long before i reach Center Radar, am I supposed to start descending anyway? Or stay at my current cruising altitude and wait until i reach Center Radar and THEN ask to descend? That’s where I’m lost at


In this scenario, you can begin descending at your top of descent and then once you enter center airspace, can request descent via the filed STAR on your FPL. This tells the center controller your intentions so they can handle your aircraft accordingly.

Let us know if you’ve got any other questions!


Much appreciated bro 🙏. This helped me out more than I expected. Thank you a mil

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