Training server [global] V2

the training server [global] V2 its really making me a bit irritated because it hasn’t changed
from V1 to V2 and somthing tells me its going to fix when the new update releases }:(

Hello! Please elaborate more about your post… Are you having issues accessing the Server? Thanks! :)

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yes its saying i have had to many violations & it still show’s v1 instead of v2… i wanna be able to fly with more people instead of casual server.

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How many total violations do you have? And see this thread for new TS2 rules:

It’s been V2 for quite some time.
Have you checked App Store/Play Store for updates?
From where did you get Infinite Flight?


Yeah is seems you are using the old update.

(196) but i would have to not fly for like 10 months… i cant even go a week without flying, its what i live for!

Ok, so can we see a pic of your grade table?

(apple) i’m up to date with infinite flight i’m waiting for the 2018 update like all of you.

You can’t be.
The current public version is all running on Server version 2 (V2). Those servers came with the DC-10/MD-11 update.

Please check available updates in App Store, otherwise try to reinstall the app.

When it comes to your violations. You will have to have more landings than violations to be able to access the Training Server. That won’t change.

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i’m have the DC planes but IDK what’s wrong

Can you please provide a screenshot from the server selection screen?

And now from the page where you select which server you want to fly on?

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That is the grade table. He wants to see this:

Okay, I don’t see the problem. It’s the V2 servers… so what is the issue here?

Oh it showed that it’s fixed thx for the help

Before it said training server v1

Odd. Check if you can access it? Just so we’re not missing anything before we close up :)