Training Server Ghosting System

Hmm it’s a difficult problem but perhaps put a limitation of reports or in this case number of points. And could be looked into by regulars. I don’t think it would be that much work if there is a proper system that gives you the information quickly. Another way could be that the controller would be required to put the recording data file with the report so you could see the situation. This way you could see if the same people are creating dangerous situation on purpose multiple times.

A problem though with this system that is described above is how would the system know who’s fault it is?

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I have a simple answer to this, if you want to be able to control a realistic environment, just become apart of the IFATC.

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But training server ATCs do suck sometimes.

Training server is for training, so I don’t think ghosting should work. Maybe we should include these warnings without any punishment to let people know when they’re doing something wrong and try to help

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Computer generated warnings would work better on TS than having the controller ghost a player as TS controllers (no offense) sometimes dont take things very seriously.

I think it’ll basically remove the difference between TS and ES.

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The training server is for learning if you don’t like it then fly on the expert server

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I don’t think abusing will be the bad thing about this. They are abusing it but they are the ones losing their reputation on IF, not us.

Well yeah but I mean think of the trolls that don’t care about their reputation all they care about is getting people mad and trying to ruin their reputation

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You are right
Most of the times whenever you are on final approach in any runway in the training server then either you have to abort the landing or have some plane run into you as soon as you land

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You got my vote for this. I regularly control on the training server, and see a need for some sort of system to let pilots know what they are doing wrong.

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I agree with this feature, but everyone is right in saying that it is the training server and anyone can abuse this!
Here is something that would be better … Why not implement that kind of “punishment” or “report” for ATCs that have more than 3,000 operations? Or tell me how many operations would be perfect or to be able to do this

Even people with the ability to report on the Expert server aren’t allowed to report on the training server. It’s not going to happen.

Not to mention, I can’t tell you how many times both people involved think they’re in the right. (Pro tip: both can’t be.)


You could also implement something like “Ghost” but instead of registering it in your statistics, just disconnect the live server and go! Off the radar!

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I agree, somewhere in the range of 2000-3000 operations

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That’s what used to happen with session ghosts.

What happens next is entirely predictable:

The ghosted pilot returns immediately, only now it’s his turn to ghost people.

It would escalate instantaneously.


You mean they re-enter the server? Well, easy … do not let training server enter that day!

It sounds very easy all this! 😂😂

This “system” you talk about is not as easy to create as you may think. It takes many moths just to create the code for little things like clouds. I don’t think this would work.

@Tim_B Do you know what would be perfect? That they put back the command to see tutorials in the forum, I think it was already in previous versions and I do not understand why they removed it

It sounds very easy. Because everyone thinks they’re just the right people to have the ability.

Unfortunately, no stat that simply accrues over time grants you super knowledge of anything.

People with 4 million XP still request remaining in pattern every takeoff.

Nothing you use as a threshold will ever work if it can be gained by simply doing something a bunch, whether it’s done correctly or incorrectly. Ops. XP. All the same.

Doing something a lot only matters if you do it right. And since everyone thinks they know what’s right but two parties involved always disagree, it can’t possible be true that both are qualitatively correct. It’s mutually exclusive.