Training Server Ghosting System

Hello fellow community members i have come here today to share an idea about a ’ Ghosting points system’ for Training Server

How will this work?

So say every month you have 20-30 points and you are in an airport with active ATC eg. Heathrow and say you enter an active runway without permission the system will recognise the conflict and a notification will pop up on the controllers screen and then the controller can decide to deduct points but you can only access this feature when the system recognises the conflict an Active runway without permission eg. 3 points and for most severe cases would be 5 points and maybe not following instructions would be 1-2 points. But if you do exceed 20-30 points then you would be kicked off the Server for 7 days. I do also understand that TS is for ATC practice but there has to be crackdowns to reduce the number of trolls.

Why would this help?

Once you take that step into Expert Server you are suddendly hit with Ghosts and Reports and in the Training Server there is none of that so that would be good preparation for Expert Server. I think it will also reduce the amount of trolls in the Training Server because of this Points System.

An example of a conflict that will lead into being points Deducted

And another example.


I do think this is a good idea and i hope that IF staff will consider something in the future.

Well but think of the people who will abuse this system just deduct points for now reason and I do like this concept it’s just how will we know people won’t abuse it


Maybe the system will recognise the conflict and a notification will pop up on the controllers screen and then the controller can decide to deduct points but you can only access this feature when the system recognises the conflict

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That’s sounds fair

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But then again how many points would the controller take off for a simple mistake unless it gives you the option to take only a certain amount of points but the training server is the training server it’s used for training like atc and such but this does seems like a good concept


Well if its a simple mistake there would be an exception to that

I like the idea behind this. But the issue is anybody can control TS. And some people might not know correct procedure and will deduct by accident or by toll. It should be granted to a select group of people. For example TSATC (an example)


What I see from this is a high potential for the system to be abused. What’s to stop someone from screwing around on all the runways to deduct the points of others? And what’s to stop a controller and a pilot “partnering” to reduce the points of others if these conflicts would be decided by the controller?


If this feature is implemented, then this is a necessity!


Yep that is what i was thinking too people who are aware of the procedures can only access this feature

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But how would we know they are aware of the procedure

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If its on TS I assume TSATC? seems like a good feature request to me.


Hello AviatorJackYT! Your feature sounds like a good plan and it seems like the replies answer most questions about potentially arising conflicts with this feature, however I don’t know if Infinite Flight will approve this or not because pilots already have the feature to report a pilot. If a pilot has three (3) reports in one session then they are server ghosted and is treated like a player that got ghosted in the Expert Server by a Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controller (which this can be abused if three pilots band up together to report all the pilots which is likely or unlikely depending if those three people know this). So it’s either infinite flight will keep pilot reporting and add this or pick a side. However, I will still be considering if I should vote for this or not.

I wouldn’t support this. As the definition of Training Server said, it’s a place for training. Expert Server is a place for realism. If we put ghosting system on Training Server, there’s no need for training.


@Humars we are talking about Training server 😉

Yep but its a place for people to train with ATC and get used to the punishments should this points system get added

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Yeah the thing I am talking about is the training server @Ondrejj. If a pilot gets three reports by other pilots in one training server session then they are server ghosted for seven (7) days (one week).

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@Humars The report button is useless now. You must go to a mod if you want to report someone.


Ik but i think this would be a good feature to replace that because a pilot could report someone for no reason but in this feature the system will recognise and then send a notification to the controller for the controller to decide should points be deducted

TapeiGuru corrected me, so apparently no we don’t have to worry about user reports. I’ll be considering if I should vote or not, I think it’s a good idea but I need to do some evaluation before coming to a conclusion @AviatorJack.