Training server event

I’m thinking of setting up an event for the training server and looking for some atc that are interested in helping out it will have a custom ATIS posted on here and give controllers and pilots a chance to practice for the expert server. I plan for it to last about 1-2 hours but if we get enough controllers we can expand the event if need be. If any controllers are interested feel free to reply below!!

Currently looking for Approach And Departure controllers!!

Ground: @AviatorVJ
Tower: @thatualavgeek


Can you post ATIS in training server? I didn’t think that was allowed


You can’t in game but I was going to post a custom one in the community post for anyone who wanted some practice

i’ll work tower,

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Alright do you have a discord I want to get all the controllers together so we know which day it will be


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I can do Ground and Tower. Just make an official event topic and put me in as Ground and tower controller. Depending on timing etc I may not be able to do it

Imma make your life easier, make an event in the Events catagory (Heck, even I could make you one 👀) And have the option for people to register to become a controller for the event!

You still have an open spot available for ATC?


I’m interested. What airport?

Sounds great sorry I’ve been very busy this week but I’ll add you to the list if you have a discord I can add you to the group and we can figure out which day works for everyone!!

I will post one once we get a date finalized and if you want to help out with being a controller I’m trying to get all the controllers in a group chat on discord so we can organize easier

Undecided as of now most likely an airport that doesn’t have a lot of normal traffic so that we can simulate the expert server better

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For expert server we need to be ifatc

I can control on TS but not ES cos I’m not IFATC. I don’t have discord sorry

It’ll be on the training server but sort of like a practice expert airport with an ATIS, active runways, fully towered airport, etc. I want it to be professional yet a practice event for everyone pilots get practice with flying with atc into a active airport and newer controllers can clean up any rough edges sort of a big training session for everyone involved

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@AviatorVJ @Daniel8boss5512

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Ok. What airport you would like?

I’ll have to look through the airports would like a drag and taxi airport but I have to watch my son in a bit so I won’t be able to pinpoint the airport till later today

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Oh ok. I also want to improve my ATC skills for the fun of being ATC

Send me your discord so I can add you to the group