Training Server EGLL a few min ago

Dear Community Members and IFS Pilots :)

I’d like to share here 2 screenshots:

What we can see on the screenshots is that twice someone entered the rwy, though an aircraft (mine) was about to land. So I had to go around.
I don’t think we need to be expert pilot or flying on expert to know that when an aircraft is about to land, we shouldn’t enter the rwy:)
I have also observed that the ATC cleared one of these aircrafts for take. Even then, please always (whatever the server) checking, if there is any incoming aircraft / if you can enter the rwy.

Training server doesn’t mean “we do what we want”, but that’s the server where you train yourself flying professionally, respecting rules …
Also, if you are an experienced pilot, be exemplary to others, even on expert or casual server, that’s how the less experienced pilots learn.
That means, whatever the server, if there is a case like that and you are the pilot in the incoming aircraft, go around, if you see an aircraft in the rwy, don’t land through or on or in front / behind of the aircraft on the rwy.

Of course you still learn but in my opinion there is a nuance between knowing about rules and good sens of behavior. I don’t think either you’d ride your bike on a way in the moment another bike is arriving(well at least I hope you wouldn’t 😂)

Just to be clear, I don’t want to blame anyone, I hope the pilots we can see on the screenshots see this and take it as an experience, so next time they check first, if they can enter the rwy.
A little hint, you can enter the rwy for an immediate take off(means you enter the rwy and take off without stopping, if the incoming aircraft is in the middle of the final (final that’s the red triangle/ILS approach , it’s grey when it’s a GPS approach ) and if it’s in the beginning of the final you got a bit more time to enter center yourself, stop then take off.

If you got any questions about rules, feel free to ask, you can also pm me or other experienced pilots.

Thank you all for your attention.



Training Server is just what the name implies, Training. Although TS is now locked to Grade 2 and above, some pilots still are unaware how to fly, or follow proper ATC commands. It is annoying and, personally, I hate flying on TS, however there is not much we can do.

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Well Said Ronny!

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I think that ATC on the training server should be able to report users, but the reports have to be moderated. I think this should solve the problem, but it’s not up to me!

Happy flying!


I was the first to land in this event for IFSFG. I was sitting with the free cam on the runway and I could name over 10 members who did this. There was total disregard to anyone on the runway, even ones holding short of the runway I saw members just taxi through to just takeoff. 3 took off at the same time on one occasion (image below) I don’t know what the answer is for it but it certainly was a case of just doing as they wanted with total disregard of others.

image image


Welcome to the TS. Elevate yourself to the ES and never look back.


Hey Michael,

I understand that will be best but in our group, some are only Grade 2 and are learning so we had an event to cater for everyon on TS1. I only fly on Expert when flying on my own but on this occasion on TS1, it was really bad. Two of our members had to go around on 2 attempts to land because of this.

It seems better to either fly on the Casual server or Expert.

TS1 is full of people who don’t seem to want to fly in a professional manor and was as if it was a race to take off.


Hmmm, I suppose if you are having a group flight you could do have it on the TS but choose a smaller airport that isn’t going to be too popular with the loonies who don’t care about others experiences. You can elect your own ATC to see you take off and then see you land at your destination and of course with replay now you will get a different camera perspective from whoever records the ATC session.


I realised that. I probably should have finished it at EGCC. Lesson learnt definitely!


Well training server just works that way so don’t look for realism there…why don’t you fly expert?
The requirements for TS should be increased or we will all face this issue.
If you dont have access to expert than go to less busy airports :)

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It was an event for our group as some of our members are only Grade 2, so we only had the option af Casual or TS1. It just shouldn’t have been as bad as it was. Like I said in the post above, we often fly in expert but sometimes have to on TS1 for other members of our group to help improve their experience and be able to fly on the Expert server one day.


I like your message and shout out to anyone here on the forum to behave well on Training Server.

Much has been commented already. All I want to add here is that unfortunately, many pilots on TS are not on this forum and many misbehaving pilots will not see your message.

Perhaps a good idea is that every pilot with a Live subscription must be on this forum. This way they (1) have good access to tutorials and training and (2) we can contact them and help them to behave better.

Best regards,


Training server is training, dont expect realism there, especially not at EGLL, everyone is just trolling there. At other airports it can be better, but for more realistic experience fly on expert server.

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Any major airport in general. LAX also

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I started out in the training server when I first began flying. Even as a pilot in expert, if I don’t think I can take off safely, I don’t. Better for me to wait 10 more minutes for other peeps to land instead of risk a collision. As a ATC in training, I try to get peeps to wait, and most of the time they do, but some still choose to not listen.

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Training server is basically casual server with just violations and ATC added to it.

You’re lucky if you got good ATC on EGLL or JFK or LAX cause the controller can change at any moment and some controllers are there to train themselves and some other controllers tend to not give proper instructions and there’s also some pilots who won’t follow ATC instructions anyway, and in case there’s no ATC even if you report short final 10 times there’s a possibility that someone will setup a chair on the runway and sit there LOL

it’s funny cause the other day i saw a topic about casual server turning into training server but it’s more like training server turning into casual server LOL